Oct. 28, 2020

   MAI, Alumni
Genrikh Novozhylov: his path from MAI student to chief designer

October 27 marked the 95th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Soviet and Russian aircraft designer, Doctor of Technical Sciences, member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1992 — RAS), Professor Genrikh Vasilyevich Novozhilov.

Oct. 28, 2020

MAI listed in the best universities physics rating for the first time

The University also confirmed its position in the rating of the best engineering universities-THE Engineering & Technology.

Oct. 28, 2020

   MAI, Alumni
MAI graduate appointed Minister of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Komi

On October 20, Vitaly Savilov was appointed Minister of physical culture and sports of the Komi Republic.

Oct. 26, 2020

   MAI, Alumni
Between IT and space: how the MAI graduate became the astronomy communicator

Igor Tirsky talked to the MAI press-service about the points of contact between amateur astronomy and programming, as well as how the choice of the University affected its future.

Oct. 22, 2020

   Cooperation, MAI, Conferences
MAI conference for the UAV experts

The event will be held online on November 24 as part of the 19th International conference "Aviation and Cosmonautics".

Oct. 21, 2020

   Science, MAI
The development of MAI scientist will make aircraft production more cost efficient

Associate Professor of the Department "Technology of production and operation of aircraft engines" of the Institute № 12 "Aerospace science-intensive technologies and production" of MAI, candidate of technical Sciences Denis Kuritsyn conducts promising research: he creates a methodology for the design and construction of complex tools for friction welding with mixing.

Oct. 19, 2020

   Students, Study, MAI
"Relax — there are no deadlines in Italy", or an exchange study by a MAI student

Anna Storchak, the fifth-year student of the Institute No. 1 "Aviation technology" of MAI, told us about the features of her educational trip to the Polytechnic University of Turin, and also gave valuable advice to those who are just going to travel to another country under the exchange program.

Oct. 15, 2020

   Science, Conferences, MAI
At MAI conference experts will share their experience in mathematical modeling

Moscow aviation Institute will hold an International conference "Mathematical modeling" on the 17th of November.

Oct. 13, 2020

   Students, Study, MAI
The "Place of Power", or the story of how a MAI student went to an exchange trip to Munich

Alexander Denisov, an expert in radio electronics, communications and information security at the MAI Institute № 4, shared his impressions about the training he received at Technical University of Munich, with the MAI press-service, and explained why, although Munich might be considered as "place of power" for a technical student, his Homeland is more pleasant for him.

Oct. 09, 2020

   Students, MAI
How a MAI student became a FORMULA 1 volunteer

One of the key and also large-scale events for the volunteers of not only MAI, but also the whole of Russia, was the formula 1.

Oct. 07, 2020

   Science, MAI
MAI is developing the coating that increases the reliability of the satellite equipment

Experts of Moscow Aviation Institute, together with experts of the Radiostream Research and Production Enterprise, are developing a new radio-absorbing coating for a spacecraft.

Oct. 06, 2020

   MAI, Alumni
Target — space: how MAI graduate conquered the sky on her way to ultimate dream

Anzhelika Parfenova, a graduate of Moscow Aviation Institute, has a dream — to become a cosmonaut. In this endeavor, she has already overcome several steps.

Sep. 30, 2020

   MAI, Science
MAI post-graduate student contributes to cancer treatment

Last year, the grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) was allocated for the implementation of his project "Computational and experimental modeling of heat transfer processes in biological tissues".

Sep. 28, 2020

   MAI, Alumni
MAI graduates designed helicopter to explore Arctic

Arseny Zaryadnov and Alexander Lisovinov this year became the winners of the International youth scientific conference "Gagarin Science Conference".

Sep. 24, 2020

   MAI, Science, Study
Adaptive distance e-learning systems: how MAI prepares future education basis

Every year about 4000 students of all the MAI technical institutes get educated via the system.

Sep. 22, 2020

   Science, Cooperation, MAI
How students start doing science and research at MAI: guide for beginners

So many students of MAI from the first course are seriously interested in science, plunge into it with their heads and make breakthrough discoveries.

Sep. 21, 2020

   Cooperation, MAI
MAI students get free access to Coursera

In order to improve their professional skills, students and employees of the Moscow Aviation Institute will be provided with free access to the online educational platform Coursera.

Sep. 18, 2020

At the MAI aviation base kids got acquainted with aviation professions

On the territory of the MAI air base about 50 children from ordinary and large families in Moscow and the Moscow region from 5 to 15 years old together with their parents were able to get acquainted with the professions of pilot, dispatcher, parachutist, environmentalist and try themselves in practice as specialists in these areas.

Sep. 17, 2020

   Science, Awards, MAI
MAI resident creates innovation nanocomposite material for mecidal equipment

The young scientist is working on creating an innovative composite nanomaterial that will help to improve both medical and aviation equipment.

Sep. 14, 2020

   Science, MAI
MAI postgraduate’s project to extend the service life of aircraft engines

Ilya Nikolaev, a postgraduate student of the Department 205 "Aircraft Engine Production Technology" of the Moscow Aviation Institute, is currently working on a project for the aircraft industry, and its main aim is to protect the parts of gas turbine engines from premature wear.

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