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MAI’s mission is to create a background of world's top-level engineering manpower through forward-looking research at all stages of aviation, rocket and space technology. MAI is engaged in all major partnership projects; it also cooperates with leading Russian and foreign industry-based corporations such as COMAC, ENAC, Safran, BrahMos Aerospace, HAL, PJSC “United Aircraft Corporation”, Roscosmos, Rostec and others. The high-tech projects in MAI are fulfilled with the help of advanced technologies in the following areas:

  • Mathematical Modeling;
  • Product Lifecycle Management;
  • Composite Structures Manufacture;
  • Integrated Avionics;
  • Engineering Systems Electrification.

Moscow Aviation Institute provides training throughout the whole lifecycle of high-tech products from the system design to the implementation of separate proceedings. Educational process is based on real ongoing scientific and industrial projects and puts special emphasis practical skills.


Moscow Aviation Institute is one of the most popular universities in the field of aerospace training and one of the biggest Russian technical universities.

Among the most notable areas of university’s research are Aircraft, Space and Energy systems, IT, new materials and production technologies, the multifaceted use of aerospace and digital technologies.


More than 175 000 professionals have graduated from MAI since its foundation. More than 70% of MAI graduates are being employed by leading national and international industry-based corporations.

Moscow Aviation Institute holds the record among universities in the number of graduates who have become space and test pilots. Among MAI Alumni there are 23 cosmonauts with more than 15 years of time spent on space missions combined and 65 spacewalks.

The variety of executives, established politicians and performers graduated from MAI throughout its history indicates the special emphasis on culture of soft skills development nurtured in university.


175 000+

Chief designers, heads of main industry-based organizations




Honored test pilots, Heroes of Russia


Honored state figures and heads of economic institution, ambassadors, business top-level representatives


Academicians and associate members of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences


Rectors of higher educational institutions


Moscow Aviation Institute graduates took part in development and creation of most major Russian aircrafts.

A large number of the world's modern aviation and aerospace systems was created under the guidance and with direct participation of MAI graduates.


Educational process in MAI includes:

  • training based on joint ongoing scientific and engineering projects with industrial partners;
  • learning practical skills with usage of advanced equipment;
  • individual learning paths;
  • implementation of advanced educational methods, including the use of e-learning technologies, etc;
  • multidisciplinary approach;
  • managerial, IT and soft skills developed on every educational program.

21 000+





Faculty Members


Academicians and associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Doctors of Engineering Science, Professors


Candidates of Science, Associate professors


Moscow Aviation Institute believes that university should provide a true live-long educational experience.

In order to help school students develop the scope of their future professional interests, MAI provides them with a unique education environment to get prospective students accustomed with creative part of STEM jobs and industry realities.

MAI offers a wide range of both bachelor and master courses from complex aircraft design to industrial software development, ensuring that students get a real research and working experience during the education.

Moscow Aviation Institute provides practicing specialists and postgraduates with traineeships and advanced professional training on the basis of the world's leading research and educational organizations and industry-based companies.

The MAI School of Management implements cross-corporate programs, similar to the MBA, for the personnel reserve of high-tech corporations, in real large-scale management projects that these corporations plan to implement.

International activity

International activity

Foreign students from more than 80 countries study in MAI. The university has contracts with education institutions from the countries of South East Asia (Malaysia, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the Republic of Korea, and others), India, China, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Angola etc.

MAI carries out unique joint education programs to train an engineering team for the new Russian-Chinese wide-body long-haul aircraft development project.

MAI runs 7 double-diploma projects with leading high-tech universities of China.

Foreign students

1 500+

Foreign Ph.D. and Doctorates


Countries with students studying in MAI


More than 17 000 foreign students have graduated from MAI. More than 80 cooperation contracts were signed. MAI takes part in major international associations such as the CDIO, ASRTU, Pegasus, ICAS, IAF.


Research and Priority Development

Building the innovative research and study ecosystem, MAI forms unique joint programs with high-tech industry giants, acting as a huge multi-industrial think-tank. University carries out RnD projects for its partners simultaneously providing them with sufficient workforce capable to operate within the new technological reality throughout the whole lifecycle of developed systems and technologies.

MAI nurtures a proactive environment within its walls, with its’s centers of excellence proffering industry a new competences and thus new ways of solving existing or prospective problems.

MAI hosts a number of international conferences on aerospace science, both for young (starting) researchers and acting ones.

Nurturing the student entrepreneurial initiatives, MAI has established several courses , business and management vocational programs, hosts master-classes of established businessmen and hackathons with participation of Russian IT and air traffic market leaders on a regular basis.

MAI technopark:

R & D amount
33,9 million dollars per year
Scientific and research laboratories and centers
Design bureau, including student-run ones
Mission control center
Experimental plant
Business Development Center
Among the most notable areas of research within MAI are:
  • aviation systems;
  • space and rocket systems;
  • math modeling;
  • engineering systems electrification;
  • propulsion and power plants;
  • integrated design;
  • high-tech products service;
  • electric rocket engines;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • artificial intelligence, Big Data, Internet of things;
  • hypersonic technologies;
  • additive technologies;
  • composite structures;
  • robotic technologies.


The campus of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) brings a unique environment for study, research and innovation. There are classrooms and buildings for educational purposes, research centers, numerous laboratories and resource centers for advanced technologies, scientific and technical library, health center, recreational and educational centers.

MAI campus includes:

  • 9 dormitories
  • gym
  • stadium
  • 8 sport activity complexes
  • sanatorium on the seashore
  • countryside health and recreation camp
  • kindergarten
  • facilities for cultural activities
7 000+
Sports complexes
Sport sections
Our own airfield
Mission control center
Pilot factory
Flight simulators
Wind tunnel
Aircraft shed
School students technology park

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