MAI team in KVN Major League Semifinals

April 17, 2023

On April 16, the first quarterfinal of the KVN Major League was carried out in “Planet KVN”. MAI team met with “City N” (Chelyabinsk), “Yuriken” (Vladikavkaz), “Without women” (GUU, Moscow) teams. MAI team received all fives with the exception of one four for the first competition. As a result, the MAI team became the strongest team in the quarterfinals and proceeded to semifinals.

– It is for such performances that we play KVN for! To stand on stage overwhelmed with ovation and feel the electric shock running through your fingertips. The delight is absolute, – said Alexey Dostanko, the captain of the MAI team.

The teams played three contests: “Greeting”, “Situation”, “Musical homework”. The jury: Vadim Galygin, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Valdis Pelsh, Dmitry Khrustalev, Yana Churikova – evaluated the performance. Igor Vernik was the host.

Engineers presented the invented on-board computer “Cheburashka”, which artificial intelligence rebelled against the team and the jury members. In the “Situation” contest, the MAI team succeeded in improvisation with Dmitry Dyuzhev – a boss firing an employee, as well as with Valdis Pelsh, who complained with a skateboard in his hands that he could not "kick-flip". While doing “Musical homework” MAI students decided to remember their graduations. The love story of Zhenya and Lisa was invented: everyone can find a soul mate, even if he is an engineer.

Yana Churikova was charmed with that love story and she stressed that while giving the comment on the game. The other members of the jury thanked all the teams for their performances.

The quarterfinals ended with the following result: MAI national team scored 14.8, “City N” –14.4, “Yuriken” – 14, “Without women” – 13. MAI also won a special prize – the “Smile of Reason” award from Rosatom.

– We really wanted to get to the semifinals directly and tried to do everything possible and even seemingly impossible for this, – says Dmitry Loginov, the member of MAI team. – Two days before the game, at the gathering of the program, I was completely out of voice, which greatly interfered with the performance. But we still managed to break through. And this is my personal little victory, for which I am grateful to every team member! In semifinals we will be targeted at final, of course. So, let’s fly on!

MAI PR-department

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