Visa support

Entry into the territory of the Russian Federation

To enter the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen must produce a valid identity document and recognized by the Russian Federation in that capacity and a visa if there is no other way of entry into the Russian Federation established by international treaty.

In order to obtain student visa, it is necessary to have an invitation letter to enter the Russian Federation, which is processed in the office of the Federal Migration Service. Invitation letter may be issued digitally or on the official form, the original of which is sent by mail to the person invited. The issue time is always equal, and can be up to 21 working days during the admission period.

A foreign citizen must apply to a Diplomatic Mission or Consulate of the Russian Federation in person or through his duly accredited representative to make visa and submit the following Documents:

An Identity Document valid at least two years recognized as such by the Russian Federation
A completed visa application form with one photo
A photo, 3 × 4 cm
Original of HIV and AIDS testing medical certificate


Upon arrival in Russia, a foreign student is required to come to the International Department (main administrative building, 1st floor, room 110) within 3 working days and to hand in all the necessary documents for registration (a copy of all passport pages + a copy of the migration card).

Visa Renewal

In order to renew the visa, it is necessary to submit the documents 1.5 months (6 weeks) before the expiry date.

If a foreign student violates the rules for visa registration and visa renewal, he/she faces an administrative fine of 5000 to 7000 rubles and deportation.

Documents for visa extension:

  • Copy of all passport pages (even empty ones)
  • Registration (+ copy of registration)
  • A copy of the migration card
  • 1 photo
  • Paid state-duty receipt from Sberbank (to be issued to students in room 111)
  • A copy of the educational agreement or a copy of the Ministry referral

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