Meet and Greet Day

Dear prospective students!

We are greeting you and want to announce that the admission to the leading aerospace university in Russia – Moscow Aviation Institute – has been opened on the 1st of June.

In that regard we invite you to watch videos of our Meet and Greet Days about admission in 2021 for English medium programs.

You will get more information about the university and its schools. You also get the full information about the admission process.

Apply to the leading Aerospace University to rocket-start a fascinating engineering career path in the heart of the Russian Federation

What is MAI?

  • Leading technical university since 1930
  • Contemporary study and research focused on development of high-tech industry and economics of the future
  • Practice-oriented education: academic theory combined with practical experience
  • Aerospace progress of the 20th century refers to the activity of MAI graduates
  • A platform for your brilliant career in high-tech industry


21 000+
Schools 13
Branches 5
Faculty Members 2500+
Academicians and associate members of the Russian Academy of Sciences 18
Doctors of Engineering Science, Professors 400+
Candidates of Science, Associate professors 1300+

Foreign students

1 500+
Foreign Ph.D. and Doctorates 60+
Countries with students studying in MAI 70+

Choose educational program

Annual price, USD
Russian language*
English Medium
Bachelor Degree — 4 years
Aircraft Engineering 4400 6000
Propulsion Engineering 4400 6000
Control Systems and Computer Science In Engineering 4400 6000
Spacecraft Engineering 4400 6000
Master Degree — 2 years
Aircraft Engineering 5500 6000
Propulsion Engineering 5500 6000
Control Systems and Computer Science In Engineering 5500 6000
Spacecraft Engineering 5500 6000

* If you wish to study on one of the Russian-medium programs or want to improve your knowledge of physics, mathematics and English — key subjects necessary for entrance exams and further studies, you may enter one of our Pre-university Programs.

Choose program

Admission procedure


Contact us


May — August

Send us the documents needed for application procedure (scanned copies): Passport and Graduate certificates with transcript


May — August

Receive a confirmation letter and an education agreement


May — August

Sign your education agreement


May — August

Make prepayment of the tuition fee


Receive visa invitation and apply for visa


Prepare your documents (see document list)


June — August

Write entrance exams – two options: on campus at MAI (schedule available by request at or online exam (sign up at


June — August

Get your results by email


October 1

Plan your arrival in Moscow: you should arrive at least one week before the program start

Welcome to MAI!

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay for the whole academic year at once?

You may either make a full payment at once, or pay for the first semester before the beginning of the academic year, and then cover the second semester payment before its start.

Please note that in accordance with the schedule of tuition fee, the applicant shall pay an advance for one academic year upon application to MAI. The advance amount is included in the total amount of tuition fee.

Does MAI provide visa support?

Yes, we provide visa support to all applicants. After receiving your documents, MAI applies for visa invitation, which usually takes minimum 16 business days to be made. When the visa invitation (in the electronic form) is ready, MAI sends* it to the applicant, and he/she may then apply for student visa. Please note that you may receive the visa invitation only upon making the prepayment.

Does MAI provide accommodation for the students?

Yes, accommodation at MAI hostel located nearby is provided to international students. Accommodation cost: 90 USD per month

Will you help me with my previous education documents recognition?

Yes, we will. You will need to submit the following documents for the academic recognition:
  1. Original of education certificate + transcript (legalized)
  2. Notarized passport translation into Russian
  3. Notarized education certificate + transcript translation into Russian

What document should I bring when I arrive for studies at Moscow Aviation Institute?

  • The copie of your passport valid at least two years;
  • Bachelor’s Degree - a legalization / apostil of your сertificate of complete higher secondary education (with academic transcript) and its notarized translations into Russian;
  • Master’s Degree - a legalization / apostil of your сertificate of complete higher education degree (with academic transcript) and its notarized translations into Russian;
  • Graduation certificate of a Russian Preparatory School for foreign citizens, if any;
  • Medical certificate and its attested translation into Russian which confirms that the applicant has no narcotism, tuberculosis, lepra, Chlamidia lymphogranuloma (venereal), syphilis, chancroid, hepatitis, a negative AIDS-test, and vaccination against hepatitis, mumps, diphtheria, measles;
  • 10 photos (4х6 cm).

Do I need to get medical insurance?

Yes, you do. You may get it from us (cost = 8000 RUB) or from any insurance company.

Ask any question