Key projects

Aircraft Systems:

  • Prospective wide-body long-range CR929
  • Regional narrow-body “Sukhoi Superjet 100” / “Sukhoi Superjet New”
  • Medium-range narrow-body МС-21
  • Prospective supersonic passenger plane
  • Prospective helicopters
  • Flight simulation facilities, avionics systems
  • Unmanned aircrafts, flying taxi

Rocket and Space Systems:

  • Prospective launch vehicle
  • Controlled crew transfer vehicles
  • Small and micro spacecrafts
  • Navigation and monitoring satellite systems
  • Hypermedia machines
  • Liquid rocket engines
  • Electrical rocket engines
  • Manned and unmanned machines
  • Life supporting systems for near and far space

Energy Systems:

  • High-temperature superconductor material, including ones for high-speed transport systems
  • Electric energy of moving units
  • Electric and heat powers
  • Future-oriented energy sources, including renewable power sources
  • Hybrid and electrical powerplants for the aircraft
  • Hydrogen systems for the aircraft
  • Electrical generation systems for the spacecraft


  • Mathematical modeling of high-tech objects and systems
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Creation of mathware and software of intelligent systems
  • Enterprise development
  • Computer processing of photographic images
  • Artificial intelligence systems
  • New digital services

New Materials and Manufacturing Technologies:

  • Polymeric composite materials with intelligence system
  • Nanomodified smart-materials
  • Construction and high-temperature-resistant materials based on titanium and intermetallics
  • Titanium nickelide alloys with shape memory effects and elastic stiffness
  • Precision measurement methods for high-temperature-resistant section foundry
  • High-end technology for low-metal alloy performing
  • Innovative technologies of low-plastic alloy deformation
  • Additive production

Diversification of the Use of Aerospace Technologies:

  • Artificial heart
  • Machine for artificial lung ventilation
  • Production of implants, orthoses and prostheses from functional materials
  • Cryogenic technologies
  • Advanced fire fighting systems
  • Fire hazard monitoring systems and defect detection systems

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