Pre-University Foundation Program (in Russian medium)


Start dateFebruary 1, 2019
Duration8 months
Cost$ 3000
Who is this course for
Foreign citizens who:
  • have not previously studied the Russian language;
  • intend to start a Degree program in September 2019 (in Russian medium).


The main aim of the course is to develop students' Russian language skills necessary for successful communication, learning and building a career in Russia. Students also inmprove their educational background in Mathematics and Physics adapting for further studing at one of the MAI educational programs.

The structure of the program

Russian language 880 hours
Mathematics & Physics 140 hours
Total hours per academic year 1020 hours

As a result of the program the student has to master the Russian language to the extent necessary for comprehending information from Russian sources and know the lexical minimum of 2300 educational lexical units of common and terminological character.

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