International Rankings

In 2016 MAI adopted a new development strategy, hugely intensifying our presence on a global market. Since then we’ve been developing new programs, connections, inclusive infrastructure and following top trends of higher education market.

As a result, in 2018 MAI takes part in most prestigious international and regional university rankings:

  • MAI was included in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 edition into the list of top-20 Russian Universities;
  • MAI entered the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings for Engineering & Technology, being ranked Top-15 in Russia.
  • Since the establishment of both rankings MAI has been included in QS BRICS University Rankings and QS EECA University Rankings, now being listed among top-30 Russian Universities.

National Rankings

On the way to Russian University elite group, MAI has recently established a strong position in most comprehensive national academic rankings:

  • In National Universities Rankings from RAEX Rankings Agency in 2018 MAI entered top-30;
  • In inventive activity rankings from Expert Analytical Center MAI has taken 3rd position;.
  • In Expert Analytical Center subject Rankings MAI hold the 25th position on 4 subjects: IT, Engineering, Mathematics and Materials Science.
  • MAI is in the list of top-10 Russian Universities by Forbes elite factor;
  • According to popular headhunting portal Superjob MAI has got into the list of top-10 Russian technical Universities by alumni employability.

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