International Rankings

In 2016 MAI adopted a new development strategy, hugely intensifying our presence on a global market. Since then we’ve been developing new programs, connections, inclusive infrastructure and following top trends of the higher education market.

In 2021 MAI entered the Priority-2030 program, aimed at global research and education leadership in key fields of Aerospace markets.

As a result, MAI is now listed in the most prestigious international university rankings:

  • The World University Rankings including rankings by subject:
    • Engineering
    • Physical sciences
    • Computer science
  • MosIUR (the Three University Missions Ranking) which examines the educational, scientific and social role of Universities
  • QS World University Rankings by subject: Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering – Top 10 among Russian Universities.

National Rankings

On its way to national scientific and educational leadership, MAI occupied a strong position in the most comprehensive national academic rankings:

  • RAEX Ranking Agency:
    • MAI is ranked 21st in National Universities Rankings, growing by 14 ranking positions in 5 years
    • The comprehensive and diverse scope of MAI competences made it possible for the University to be ranked among top-20 in 7 subject rankings
    • MAI is ranked 15th in Demand for Graduates rankings and 7th in the number of graduates on the board of the largest companies in Russia rankings
  • TLeading Headhunting portals:
    • According to Superjob, MAI is one of the top-10 Russian technical universities by alumni employability
    • MAI holds 9th place in HeadHunter Top 20 most demanded universities in Russia ranking

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