European Diploma Supplement

The European Diploma Supplement is an international diploma supplement, the requirements for the structure of which have been developed by the European Commission jointly with the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

European Diploma Supplement:

  • it is a single official document on education recognized by all the participating countries of the Bologna Process;
  • provides a fair and understandable assessment of qualifications;
  • gives the opportunity to continue studying abroad;
  • significantly facilitates access to the international labor market.

The European Diploma Supplement is intended to describe the nature, level, content and status of the educational program mastered by the student, and is not the main document on education.

To apply, you must submit the following documents to the International Department:

  • a copy of the diploma and its appendices;
  • a copy of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a foreign passport; curriculum;
  • title of the dissertation in English;
  • statement; contract and receipt.

You can send documents by email or provide it in person (GAK, office 111).

Important: payment is made after the application is submitted and the contract is concluded. When paying, you must specify the contract number.

Terms of preparation and cost of the European Diploma Supplement:

  • The deadline for completing the document of the European diploma supplement under the contract is 30 days (from the date of payment to the MAI settlement account).
  • The cost of the European diploma supplement is 6,000 rubles.
For all questions, you can contact the International Department (office 111, GAK):

+7 499 158-40-43,
The program coordinator is Anna Vorsunova.

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