Research Areas

01.06.01 Mathematics and Mechanics
01.02.04 Mechanics of deformable solids
01.02.06 Dynamics and strength of machines, devices and equipment

01.06.01 Information Technologies and Computing
05.01.01 Engineering geometry and computer graphics
05.13.05 Elements and devices of computing technologies and control systems

02.06.01 Computer and information Sciences
05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program system
05.13.01 System analysis, management and information processing

38.06.01 Economics
08.00.05 Economy and management of national economy

24.06.01 Aviation and aerospace technology
05.07.05 Thermal, electrojet engines and electric power plants of aircraft
05.07.09 Dynamics, ballistics and navigation of aircraft
05.07.01 Aerodynamics and vehicle heat management system

03.06.01 Physics and astronomy
05.07.03 Durability and thermal modes of vehicles

13.06.01 Electric and Thermal engineering
05.09.03 Electrotechnical complexes and systems
05.07.02 Design, construction and manufacturing of aircraft

11.06.01 Photonics, instrument engineering, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies
05.11.03 Navigation Devices
05.11.14 Instrument production Technology
05.27.06 Technology and equipment for manufacture of semiconductor materials and devices of electronic equipment

11.06.01 Radionics and telecommunication systems
05.12.14 Radio positioning and radio navigation
05.12.07 Aerials, OHF devices and technologies

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