July 08, 2020

   Students, Study, MAI, Education
MAI Awarded Diplomas with Honours to International Students

On July 7, a graduation ceremony for international students of MAI Russian medium programs was held.

July 06, 2020

   Science, MAI
The future is now

Valentina Sizikova, project coordinator and Head of MAI Directorate for Advanced Production Projects, told how and what the new Centre will be working on.

June 30, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
MAI Held a Spacecraft Engineering Webinar for Prospective Students

On June 30, MAI held a Spacecraft Engineering webinar dedicated to university Bachelor's and Master's degree English-medium programs in the above-mentioned area. 

June 29, 2020

   Science, MAI
MAI Scheme for Moving Spacecraft in the GSO Using Electric Propulsion System

A scheme for moving spacecraft into geostationary orbit (GSO) using electric propulsion systems with a multi-billion dollar positive economic effect has been developed and proposed at the Research and Development Department of Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics of Moscow Aviation Institute. 

June 25, 2020

   Science, Activities, MAI
MAI Will Be a Logistical Startup Integrator

The Center for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of Moscow Aviation Institute has begun to create a technological startup to deliver industrial goods weighing up to 150 kg using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Commercial freight transport is scheduled to launch in 2021. At the same time, MAI intends to play a new role for itself as a technological integrator. 

June 23, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
MAI Held a Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering Webinar for Prospective Students

On June 23, MAI held a Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering webinar dedicated to university Bachelor's and Master's degree English-medium programs in the above-mentioned area. 

June 22, 2020

   MAI, Education
MAI Trend: Information Technologies

Rapid development of the IT industry imposes on universities the need to train specialists with competencies corresponding to the demands of big industrial and IT companies. Moscow Aviation Institute is ready to meet the challenge.

June 19, 2020

   Science, MAI
MAI Creates a System that Will Reduce the Probability of Aircraft Crashes

The team of the MAI "Flight Simulators and Aircraft-Pilot System" research laboratory found a solution that would help pilot in emergency situation. 

June 18, 2020

   Awards, MAI
MAI Grows in the Ranking of the Best Russian Universities

On June 16, the RAEX rating agency (RAEX-Analytics) published the ninth annual ranking of the best universities in Russia. In 2020, MAI again improved its position, moving up two steps and took 23rd place. Thus, since 2016 MAI has risen by 12 positions and is the most dynamically developing university among the top 30 universities in the ranking.

June 17, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
Online Exam Session: MAI Experience

Pros and cons of online exam session. 

June 15, 2020

   Science, Cooperation, MAI
MAI Electric Engine Development Based on Superconductors

Scientists of Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and the Central Aerodynamics Institute named after N.E.Zhukovsky (TsAGI) created a development concept of a new electric engine for aviation based on superconductivity. 

June 10, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
A Man with Many Dreams from Sri Lanka

Pamod Wickramanayaka is a MAI Bachelor’s degree student from Sri Lanka. He studies Control Systems and Computer Science in Engineering. He told us why he decided to become and engineer and study at Moscow Aviation Institute. 

May 29, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
Diploma Theses Proposal Defense Started at MAI

MAI students completing undergraduate and graduate studies began to prepare to defend their diploma theses. 

May 28, 2020

   Science, Cooperation, Activities, MAI, Education
MAI Trend: Space

Moscow Aviation Institute trains specialists for the space industry.

May 26, 2020

   Students, MAI, Education
How to Keep Students Interested in Distance Learning

This time we decided to talk with the teaching staff of Moscow Aviation Institute and find out how they work in the distance learning mode. The first to speak was Associate Professor of the Department 305 “Automated Complexes of Orientation and Navigation Systems” Boris Koshelev.

May 25, 2020

   Students, Study, MAI, Education
MAI Tested a Proctoring System on Pre-Vocational Exams

For the first time, proctoring was tested at MAI - a system of monitoring and control when passing exams online.

May 21, 2020

   Science, Cooperation, MAI
MAI Creates a Centre of Robotic Technologies

Moscow Aviation Institute together with Rostec subsidiaries (Russian Helicopters, United Aircraft Corporation, Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), United Engine Corporation, Technodinamika Holding) create an experimental engineering centre – the Centre of Robotic Technologies.

May 18, 2020

   Students, Study, MAI, Education
How to Become a MAI Student: Main Admission Questions

Starting on June 1, 2020, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) begins accepting applications for the 2020/2021 academic year. To clarify all the issues that concern prospective students today, we talked with Ms. Natalia Vodina, Deputy Head of the MAI International Projects Department. 

May 07, 2020

   Science, MAI
MAI as an Innovation Cluster: Development of Emergency Fuel System for Helicopters

The MAI development team takes part in the creation of an emergency-proof fuel system that does not have domestic analogues, and its components and assemblies. 

May 01, 2020

   Awards, MAI
MAI Is in the Top of the Round University Ranking for the Quality of Teaching

On April 29, the RUR rating agency published the results of the international Round University Ranking.

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