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Main Administrative Building, room 238

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Dear friends and colleagues!

I am glad to welcome you to the official website of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)!  MAI is known as a leading scientific and educational center in the field of aviation, space and other high-tech systems.

Our students develop skills in systematic thinking, project management in high-tech industries, design, modeling and product lifecycle management. Advanced theoretical knowledge, participation in real scientific projects with the help of unique equipment, the ability to develop and implement their projects allows our students to be competitive in the labor market and to feel confidence about the future. We venerate our traditions accumulated over the years. We develop the latest trends in the field of education, science and innovation. MAI provides a stable basis for the formation of unique human resources of the country – the leaders with technological, organizational and business skills.

MAI is a great world and more than 160 000 graduates live here. They are from all regions of Russia and even from other countries. Our university gives its students a whole world of opportunities!

I am confident that our web-site will be a helpful and reliable guide for you.

Welcome to MAI!

Dmitry Kozorez

Vice-rector for academic affairs

Main Administrative Building, room 211

+7 499 158-15-43

Yury Ravikovich

Vice-rector for scientific affairs

Main Administrative Building, room 238

+7 499 158-13-43

Inna Gavrilova

Vice-rector for university development and complex social matters

Main Administrative Building, room 214

+7 499 158-13-41, 50-03

Boris Gorelov

Vice-rector for economics and finance

Main Administrative Building, room 211

+7 499 158-58-61, 52-06

Aleksandr Shemiakov

Vice-rector for strategy development

Main Administrative Building, room 218

+7 499 158-49-87

Sergey Kulikov

Vice-rector for youth policy

Main Administrative Building, room 123

+7 499 158-45-35

Andrey Vysikantsev

Deputy vice-rector for safety

Main Administrative Building, room 305

+7 499 158-49-66, 54-44 ,

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