“MAI Takeoff”, the scientific and technical festival, was held at Alferevo airbase

May 18, 2024

On May 18, “MAI Takeoff” youth scientific and technical festival was carried out at the MAI Alferevo training aviation base, more than 1,000 people attended it. The exhibition of scientific developments and competitions of aircraft and rocket modelers were held there. The most spectacular part of the festival was the flight program with the participation of the “Strizhi” aviation group.

Mikhail Tyurin, cosmonaut pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation and Sergey Osyakin, Honored Military Pilot of Russia, became the guests of the event.

– This event is developing into a beautiful tradition, and the love to science, love to the sky and love to our Motherland unites us all here today. It is important for us to meet people who are ready to continue our work. If it weren't for you, it would be much more difficult for us to do our job," Mikhail Tyurin addressed the participants – schoolchildren and students of MAI.

At the exhibition area of the festival, visitors could get acquainted with 3D modeling technologies, learn about the principles of operation of aircraft engines, and also try themselves as helicopter pilots in a simulator.

The flight program included skydiving, aerobatics on Yak-52 and An-2 aircraft, the launch of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the performance of aerobatics by the “Strizhi” aviation group of the Russian Air Force.

At the sports area, the audience saw demonstration flights of aircraft models and radio-controlled light-engine aircraft. In addition, the MAI Rocket Modeling Cup was held at the site, and the best contest participants were awarded.

MAI PR-department

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