Drums and Guitar Songs: Chinese artists performed at MAI

4 December 2018

On December 2, 2018, at the Culture Palace of MAI, a concert organized by the Union of Chinese students in Russia was held. 

More than 200 guests, Chinese and Russian students from Moscow universities, came to MAI to see the performances of Chinese artists, prepared by the Chinese Embassy in Russia and its social organization “Union of Chinese students in Russia”. Such events are held several times a year and are organized in order to unite students, introduce them to Chinese culture, and make Chinese students not to feel lonely in a foreign country and to be nostalgic about their homeland. 

Chinese creative teams made a number of musical performances to the guests of the event: sang with a guitar, played drums, dance, thereby creating a soulful and warm atmosphere..

“That kind of activities are popular among Chinese students: they like music and consider such events as a great opportunity to remember their home and meet new people. Moreover, the Chinese Embassy expressed interest in Russian student community getting acquainted with the musical traditions and culture of China. After the concert a lot of Russian students of MAI came up to me and said that the concert was very positive and they would like to participate in the next event,” – said Huang Lishang, third-year student of the Institute №3  ”Control systems, informatics and power engineering” and Chairman of the Union of Chinese Students in MAI. In Russia, there are a lot of students who come to study from China.

At the moment, 207 Chinese students are studying at MAI, which is 20% of the total number of all international students. In 2018, 138 applicants were enrolled into the educational programs of MAI.


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