Engineers from AVIC completed a three-week training at MAI

16 November 2018

From October 29 to November 16, 2018, eight specialists from Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) received a refresher course at MAI.

AVIC is a Chinese state-owned aerospace company, with which MAI has signed an agreement on additional vocational training. It means that for the first time, specialists from the General Aircraft Design Department of the First Aviation Institute (AVIC Research Institute) study at MAI in order to improve their professional skills. 

“We have already implemented two such programs of additional vocational training for engineers of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, and now AVIC joined the program. Such programs reinforce the status of MAI in China and generally in the Pan-Asian region. When university works directly with industry leaders, its reputation grows”, - said Alexander Khvan, representative of MAI Directorate of Perspective Scientific Programs.

During three weeks Chinese engineers attended a refresher course on aerodynamic and multidisciplinary optimization. Some of the Seminar themes are ”The main innovative directions when choosing the aerodynamic layout of a prospective subsonic passenger aircraft”; “A typical picture of a flow around conventional subsonic transport configuration”, etc. Disciplines were taught by highly qualified teaching staff of the Faculty №1 “Aircraft Engineering”.

"The main theme of the course “Aerodynamics” was very interesting to the Participants of the course. When I asked a question, everyone started discussing it immediately. The students discussed the issue from their point of view”, - said Gueraiche Djahid , a lecturer from the Department № 105 "Aerodynamics of the aircraft”, about the classes.

Theoretical analysis on seminars was combined with a number of research experiments with the analysis of the received results on the ground. For example, the experiment with visualization of the flow near the rectangular wing in subsonic wind tunnel T-1 MAI was held. Short threads – tufts – were attached to the wing model, and the direction of movement of the tufts showed a relation in the flow. This was necessary to see what the flow breakdown would be like.

At the end of the training, participants received Certificates of a successful completion of the course in “Aerodynamics and multidisciplinary optimization”, which were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty №1 “Aircraft Engineering” Professor and Doctor of technical sciences Alexander Efremov.

“There are 200 specialists in our department, only we eight were chosen to study at MAI. Our work in AVIC is related to the aerodynamic analysis. I learned a lot about general aerodynamics and wind-turbine aerodynamics at MAI. Russian scientists pay a lot of attention to analysis of aircraft design and aerodynamic fundamentals. The course was very useful for us and for our future work. The most interesting thing was that we could combine the use of software programs with real application. For example, we had an experiment in the subsonic pipe with a parallel analysis of computer software system”, - sharing his impressions about the studies an engineer of AVIC Ma Kun.

Daria Vinogradova (PR-department)

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