Two MAI Graduates Entered the Astronaut Detachment

13 August 2018

Two MAI Graduates Entered the Astronaut Detachment
On August 10, 2018 State Space Corporation "Roskosmos" announced the results of the selection for the astronaut detachment. It included eight people, among whom were two graduates of Moscow Aviation Institute - Konstantin Borisov and Alexander Gorbunov. The selection took a year and a half, 420 applications were submitted for the "space" competition. Of these, 13 candidates were admitted to the final tests. Only 8 received the certificates of "astronaut-candidate".

Konstantin Borisov (pictured on the left) graduated from MAI Master´s  Degree program "Life Support Systems of Aircraft" in the direction of "Aircraft Engineering" in 2018. His colleague - Alexander Gorbunov (pictured next to Konstantin) is a graduate of the Spacecraft Engineering Institute of the Moscow Aviation Institute,  specializing in space vehicles and booster modules . At MAI, Alexander Gorbunov was also trained at the military department in the specialty "Operation and repair of aircraft, helicopters and aircraft engines" and has a rank of reserve lieutenant .


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