Flight lesson for students of MAI Summer School 2018 at the aerodrome Alferevo

On July 28, within the educational program of MAI International Aerospace Summer School 2018 students took part in the flight practice at MAI training and aviation base “Alferevo”.

On July 23 at MAI started International Aerospace Summer School 2018. 50 international students from leading Chinese aerospace universities are participating in Summer School: from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beihang University and Zhejiang University. The educational program included not only theoretical studies, but also practical.

Early Saturday morning students of MAI Summer School came to MAI training and aviation base “Alferevo”. Evgeny Kozhevnikov, director of the aerodrome “Alferevo”, met students and provided them instructions on the flight. During the briefing, students learned about the aircraft An-2, on which they were expected to fly, rules of conduct and safety regulations. The Antonov An-2 is a mass-produced single-engine biplane and for many years is being used at MAI as a training aircraft.

Students were divided into 5 groups of 10 people. They participated in the flight with a professional pilot and instructor. The plan of flight had an introductory nature and included flight over Yaropolets, city of Volokolamsk, sites of military glory. Flight track was connected with significant places of Moscow region, both for MAI, and for Russia as a whole. After the flight training students listened to the lecture “How to fold a parachute” and saw the sky diving of professionals with their own eyes.

In the program of MAI Summer School was interested international media. For example, CCTV International Russian, a Russian language international television channel, which is owned by China Central Television, made a report about flight lesson of Chinese students.

Flight practice is held at Moscow Aviation Institute since 1973 and provides information for the future aviation specialists on the behavior of the aircraft under various flight regimes, its stability and control characteristics.


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