MAI students get an internship at the University of Bedfordshire

18 July 2018

MAI students get an internship at the University of Bedfordshire

In summer, students of Moscow Aviation Institute have many opportunities for self-realization and receiving additional skills. Someone decides to do same sports or gain experience working with people and becomes an employee of the Admission Committee of MAI. Also in summer, MAI students have the opportunity to have various internship programs, including abroad.

For example, in July, students of Institute  10 «Foreign Languages» of MAI went to United Kingdom for three weeks to improve their oral and written English, and also to prepare for IELTS exam. The successful passing of this exam opens up prospects for graduates of finding employment in English-speaking countries.

Lessons of the MAI students are held at the University of Bedfordshire — a modern fast-growing educational institution in Great Britain, located 80 kilometers fr om London. In free time, MAI students visit neighboring cities, can attend additional lectures on British culture, spend time in a convenient library equipped with computers with access to the university’s research base.

During the study, students will analyze the frequent mistakes made on IELTS exam, will receive valuable information on how to get a high score. Thanks to lectures and practical exercises with native speakers, MAI students get acquainted with the history, traditions and customs of different peoples of Great Britain. Students work on pronunciation of words and improve understanding of different dialects and accents, communicating within multinational groups. At the University of Bedfordshire, a lot of students from all over the world and from different countries study at the same time, so everyone can get to know representatives of other nations and cultures, talk and have fun.

Also, the British university has its own radio station, wh ere students of summer courses recorded several phrases and offered a song for the air.

Egor Krapivkin, MAI student: «Participation in the internship program is an incredibly useful and important experience, pleasant memories for several years ahead and an investment in yourself — knowledge of the first world language is necessary for everyone in the modern world.»

Egor Krapivkin

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