MAI and Beihang University: New Stage of Cooperation

13 July 2018

On July 10 a delegation from Beihang University visited MAI. Two universities have a long and rich history of cooperation. In the 1950s specialists, professors and staff of MAI traveled to Beijing to help with organization and foundation of the leading aerospace university in China today.  This was followed by student exchanges and internships between two universities.

In 2017 between MAI and Beihang University was signed an agreement about joint Master's degree program of a double diploma in the areas of Aircraft Engineering and Propulsion Engineering. In September 2018 about 22 students of Beihang University will come to MAI to continue their studies at the second year of the Master's degree program. In 2019, after a successful graduation, they will receive a diploma of Moscow Aviation Institute.

The Chinese delegation was headed by the Rector of Beihang University Xu Huibin, who visited MAI for the first time. MAI side was represented by the Rector Mikhail Pogosyan, Head of Advanced Scientific Programs Directorate Roman Klinovsky, Assistant to the Rector Anna Katkina, Project Manager for International Development Awai Hwang, Director of the Institute №2 “Propulsion Engineering” Veronika Monakhova and Deputy Head of Faculty №1 “Aircraft Engineering” department 101 Denis Shavelkin.

During the negotiations were discussed the main points of cooperation development between two universities. Master's Degree agreement were revised and expanded and the agreement on academic exchange was prolonged. At least 30 Chinese students will arrive from Beihang University in 2019.

Chinese colleagues proposed a new type of cooperation. Beihang University is a very practical-oriented educational institute. It has close connection with Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC). During the negotiations were discussed the potential  cooperation between MAI, Beihang University, the Russian company “United Engine Corporation” and AICC in the field of practical education. Responsible persons have been appointed for this four-sided international project , that which will be launched in 2019.

After the negotiations and signing of all the necessary protocols and agreements, Mikhail Pogosyan personally gave a tour to Chinese colleagues of Institute №2 “Propulsion Engineering” and Faculty №1 “Aircraft Engineering” laboratories and MAI campus. 

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