Delegation of Chinese Central South University visited MAI

12 July 2018

The delegation of Central South University from the city of Changsha , Chinese province of Hunan, on July 9 paid a return visit to Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). From the side of MAI, the meeting was attended by Alexander Shemyakov, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, Olga Tushavina, Dean of the Institute №6 “Aerospace”, Anna Katkina, Adviser to the Rector of MAI and Alexander Khvan, curator of MAI- SJTU Master’s degree program.

It should be noted that the visit of Chinese delegation to MAI, headed by Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, was a continuation of the May dialogue between universities on the ways of further cooperation.

It should be reminded that during the trip to Chinese universities in May 2018, Anna Katkina and Alexander Khvan also visited Central South University. The May negotiations marked the beginning of development of a joint work plan.

“The continuation of negotiations and the development of plan for further cooperation is the main goal of the arrival of our Chinese colleagues,” - said Alexander Khvan. According to Mr.Khvan, MAI will cooperate with Central South University in the direction of "Design and production technologies in the field of polymer composite materials". We have been able to agree on the opening of a joint "Russian-Chinese magistracy with a double diploma," - Alexander released details of the negotiations. – “One year Chinese students study at home, the second year - at MAI. At the same time, they receive two diplomas at once: our university and Central South University.

According to Alexander, in the long-term perspective of MAI cooperation with Chinese colleagues is a joint Bachelor's program. “It is planned to open a Bachelor's degree program in the direction of "Aircraft Engineering" in the same way”, - he said. During the meeting between universities at MAI, in addition to the Master's and Bachelor's programs, were also discussed the prospects of opening and concluding an agreement on academic exchange between two universities.

"The real outlines of a full-fledged project will be reached by the end of October," - Alexander said. – “In October, It is proposed to hold a meeting between two rectors of MAI and CSU. Probably it is on it will be signed several agreements on academic exchange, Master’s and Bachelor's degree programs. And now we have several months to develop all the documents, to design the mechanisms of interaction with our colleagues. We hope that by October we will be able to prepare the entire list of documents, create a group of students and start working on joint projects”.

The visit of Central South University delegation ended with a tour to the laboratories of Faculty №1 "Aviation Engineering", Institute №2 “Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Installations” and Institute №6 "Aerospace".

Central South University is the largest university in Hunan Province of China. Today about 53,000 students study there.


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