Graduation Ceremony of MAI International Students

9 July 2018

On July 6 in the hall of MAI Academic Council was held the solemn diploma award ceremony for international graduates of Bachelor's and Master's degree program.

This year, 137 students from 25 countries successfully completed their studies at MAI. 90 people came from 17 countries far abroad and 40 students from 8 CIS countries. The students studied at MAI on Bachelor's and Master's programs both in Russian and English. 23 students graduated from MAI with honorary red diploma.

Diplomas were given to the graduates by the deans of the Faculty №1 “Aviation Engineering”, Institute №2 “Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Installations” , Institute №3 "Control Systems, Informatics and Power Engineering", Institute №4 “Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security”, Institute №5 “Economics in Engineering and Humanities", Institute №6 "Aerospace Engineering", Faculty №8 "Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics", Faculty of "Foreign Languages", Institute №11 "Materials Science and Materials Technologies" and the Institute №12 "Aerospace Science-Based Technologies and Production".

This year, for the first time in the history of MAI, graduated the students of Master's program, who studied for two years in English. On this occasion, Praveen Sankaran, a graduate of the magistracy in the direction of "Missile Complexes and Astronautics", gave an inspiring speech and wished the graduates "to have the courage to follow their heart".

After the awarding of diplomas, Rector of MAI Mikhail Pogosyan solemnly congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of their studies: "I think that we tried to instill in you not only practical skills, but also infect you with energy and enthusiasm for the implementation of the most interesting projects. I believe that you will succeed in various fields of activity and, maintaining network with you, MAI will be proud of your achievements!"

Representatives of the embassies of Malaysia, China, Kazakhstan, India, Belarus, South Korea, Uzbekistan and Vietnam also attended MAI graduation ceremony. They congratulated the graduates with warm words and wished them further successes in their careers and lives.

A number of international media took an interest in the graduation ceremony for international students of MAI. For example, the crew of the leading Mexican television channel “Televisa”, which had been working at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, came to MAI to make a report on awarding the Mexican student, Aaron Gardugno Rodriguez, with a honorary red diploma. In addition, the founders of the Indian YouTube channel "Russi Wala" came to do a story on the graduation ceremony and support their friends. “Russi Wala” tells about life and education in Russia to Indians.

Already, graduates are planning their further engineering career and study. For example, Aaron Rodriguez from Mexico would like to continue his education at MAI and make a PhD. Graduate of the Institute No. 6 “Aerospace Engineering” Raja Lakshmi from India, whose final research was dedicated to Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, is going to build her own engineering career in Russia.

“MAI gave me a lot of experience, both professional and practical, and life. Here I met a lot of friends who became my family. Here I learned how to live and became an independent person!", notes Raja Lakshmi. The parents of Raja, as well as many other parents of graduates, came from India to congratulate and support their daughter on such a significant day. "When we decided to send our daughter to study abroad, we were very worried, because she is the first person in our family who got an education outside her native country. But now we are calm and very proud of our daughter!", - Raji's parents share their impressions.

In the graduation ceremony took part the Head of International Department Olga Pogosyan, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of MAI Dmitry Kozorez and the Head of International Students' Educational Centre Elena Baranova.

After the ceremony, happy graduates went to the Main Square of MAI and threw their graduation hats into the sky, thus starting a new stage in their lives.

Daria Vinogradova

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