New canteen opened in the 24th building of MAI

8 July 2018

In the building 24A of Moscow Aviation Institute was opened a new student canteen. Located on the ground floor, on the territory of Institute № 6 "Aerospace" of MAI, the canteen has already received an unofficial name "Kosmos".

The design of new MAI student canteen is made in the loft style, which visually expands the space. This is also facilitated by materials and types of structures used in the interior. The capacity of the new canteen is more than 40 people.

At the premises of the new canteen was made a complete reconstruction and was installed an air conditioning system. At first, the canteen will work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the opening hours of canteen can be adjusted in accordance with the wishes of students and staff of MAI. In addition to home cooking, vegetarian dishes, Asian food and delicious cool white tea are served there.

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