Interview of Mikhail Pogosyan about international students and goals of MAI

28 May 2018

Interview of Mikhail Pogosyan about international students and goals of MAI

Mikhail Pogosyan, rector of Moscow Aviation Institute, said that one of the most important tasks of the university is the growing number of international students. He told about this in an interview with "360" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"One of the most important tasks that the Moscow Aviation Institute is solving is the increase in the number of international students. Now more than 1200 representatives fr om more than 50 countries of the world are studying at the university, "- said Mikhail Pogosyan . Among our students there is a girl from South Africa, she dreams of working in the company of Elon Mask or in “Roscosmos”.

"Last year, about 400 international students entered MAI. This is one and a half times MAI took earlier. This year we plan to maintain positive momentum. Our strategic goal is to achieve the level of world universities-leaders in terms of the number of international students. From our point of view, the number of international students is an important indicator of the university prestige in the international educational market. The most popular regions, wh ere international students come from, are the CIS countries and the Asia-Pacific region. A lot of students come from Malaysia, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam”, - said Mikhail Pogosyan.

Rector noted that today MAI is a recognized leader in the field of personnel training for the aircraft and space industries.

"In engineer training we are at the level of the world's leading universities, we have very good and stable positions. Now we closely cooperate with foreign educational institutions. Last year, we opened new master programs with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University , actively cooperate with universities in Europe, India, China and other countries, " – specified Mikhail Pogosyan.

Rector of MAI also said that the University holds leading positions in the employability of Russian graduates. To that end, the university constantly work on the task of educational programs modernizing in implementing project-based learning and new practice-oriented courses on latest technologies.


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