International Students of MAI visited two legendary aerospace manufacturers in Russia

21 May 2018

In the first half of May the International Students of MAI were fortunate to visit Lavochkin Association and RSC Energia, two great manufacturers-developers of spacecraft.

Both of companies were founded in the middle of the 20th century and are located near Moscow. Lavochkin Association is famous for developing a legendary Soviet fighter aircraft of World War II LA-5 and the contemporary upper stage Fregat. RSC Energia was the design office where talented Sergey Korolev manufactured the famous spaceflight Vostok-1 rocket, on which board cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin for the first time ever crossed into outer space .

Twelve International Students of MAI Master programs took part in the tour. They are studying at the Aircraft Engineering faculty, as well as at the Aviation, Rocket Engines and Propulsion Engineering and Aerospace Institutes.

Tours for MAI International Students were organized within the framework of studies in the disciplines of Structures Technology and Spacecraft Engineering. The visit to the aerospace manufactures allowed International Students to get acquainted with the design and technology of modern space products.

During the visit International Students saw a lot of historical and modern aerospace items, listened to the presentation of manufactures’ experts with the comments of MAI lecturers, and received answers to the questions on the topic of their the visit.

The International Student of MAI can use the knowledge gained in their further studies while mastering the discipline of Structures Technology, particularly in the development of aircraft design and space technology. Also, getting acquainted with modern technical solutions will allow them to apply their knowledge to the tasks of engineering development of aviation and space equipment and perhaps to create their own inventions that will rock the world.
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