Dron for Rescuers Created by MAI Postgraduate

13 December 2017

On November 25-26 Sokolniki Center hosted one of the largest national exhibitions Robotics Expo 2017. A team from Moscow Aviation Institute revealed various types of robots created in MAI and represented a number of referred educational programs.

Andrei Kolpakov, a post-graduate student at Faculty of Aerocraft engineering of Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), introduced a unique hexacopter with six propellers and motors. The device is designed to help rescuers while operating in emergencies.


The hexacopter is build on anisogrid airframe and can quickly deliver cargoes of respiratory masks with breathing tanks to roofs and windows of high-rise buildings. The drone is designed on the basis of studies performed in the design of a super-heavy Mi-32 helicopter.

Now the first prototype made from basalt plastic is being completed: this composite material was the most resistant to fire.

Participation in the exhibition allowed Andrei not only to demonstrate his drone but also to communicate with other developers. As the result, one of the Russian companies agreed to provide the flight controller for the drone.


The MAI exhibition team presented in details the innovative training programs that were being implemented actually at Moscow Aviation Institute such as 3D printing, prototyping, drones piloting and others.

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