New heights: MAI’s successful participation in MAKS-2017

24 July 2017

New heights: MAI’s successful participation in MAKS-2017

The Moscow Aviation Institute stand has attracted attention of several hundred thousand of guests at the International Aviation and Space Salon. During all six days of MAKS, Moscow Aviation Institute enjoyed exceptional popularity both among the visitors and the representatives fr om the industry.

Such success of the University was no surprise – being the leading aerospace university in Russia, MAI presented the exhibit and the program that stood out among most of MAKS’s participants. It was the combination of innovative developments, scientific and technical solutions, interactive platforms, and a variety of activities that resulted in a constant flow of visitors throughout the whole event.

The main trends – at MAI’s stand

Year after year, MAI’s exhibits with dozens of interactive features have been attracting enormous amounts of MAKS’s visitors of all ages. The University is constantly conducting new research, so the most recent innovations were reflected in the University’s exhibit at MAKS-2017. Both visitors and industry representatives had a chance to find out about the main trends of the University’s scientific and technical development - additive technology, composite materials, artificial intelligence, virtual reality capabilities and unmanned aerial vehicles. MAI’s exhibit was a perfect demonstration of its rapid development.

Dozens of students were working at MAI’s exhibits. Full of enthusiasm, they were eager to introduce the guests of MAKS to MAI’s latest developments, to share their knowledge, and to inform them about the most significant and interesting research and educational programs of Moscow Aviation Institute.

The business days of the International Aviation and Space Salon enjoyed the same level of success. MAI carried our many business meetings with key representatives of the industry. MAI signed a road map of joint collaboration project with Safran - a French multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component, defense, and security company, as well as an agreement on the training of engineering and scientific personnel with Beriev Taganrog Aviation Scientific Technical Complex.

The impressive attendance of MAI’s exhibits at MAKS-2017 is a demonstration of high interest to the engineering education in Russia. MAI is the scientific and educational center where young people can acquire skills and knowledge for creating cutting-edge products and technology.
MAI Public Relations Department

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