MAI expands the horizons of scientific cooperation

23 December 2016

East Asian bloc countries are showing the great interest to the educational and scientific activities of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). At this time MAI was in the area of attention of the Vietnamese Union for the production of high-tech scientific products. The company is called Newtechspro and was founded in 1990.

At the conference hall of the MAI Museum negotiations were held. A possible collaboration was discussed.

Yuri Ravikovich (vice-rector for scientific work of MAI), Leonid Ponyaev (vice-Rector’s assistant) and Alexander Kalliopin (acting Head of International Cooperation Office) as well as the representatives of the company Newtechspro participated in the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting Yuri Ravikovich told people about the university and its educational and research programs. According to Yuri Ravikovich MAI gives great attention to cooperation with foreign colleagues and expanding the university project activities.

– We are open-minded to the Vietnamese company, – Yuri Ravikovich noted in his speech. – MAI policy is aimed at obtaining the status of the University of 3.0 which will help us to commercialize all the developments and introduce them to the industry.

The Vietnamese side noted the high level of education and science in MAI and expressed hope for cooperation with the university. According to the representatives of Vietnam they are interested in collaborative research projects in the field of automation and design of UAVs as well as in engine and micro fiber optic sensors.

– It is necessary to develop a mechanism for collaboration, – said Yuri Ravikovich. – We are looking forward to receive proposals and suggestions from our Vietnamese colleagues.

MAI has offered Newtechspro a training program which is similar to the one MAI has with the Chinese company COMAC. Also bilateral projects in the field of scientific research were offered.

MAI and Newtechspro are having another meeting in February 2017.

Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov

Daria Strunkina (PR-department)

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