MAI prepares to participate in the Worldskills movement

25 November 2016

MAI prepares to participate in the Worldskills movement
Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N. E. Zhukovskiy has become home for the students of the branch "Strela" of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). Here they come to get ready for a competition at the WorldSkills methodology.

— Russian Center of Aviation Science management has offered to include presentation category of “Construction and Testing of Aerospace and Hydrodynamic Models (samples)” into the programme for the qualifying stages of the WorldSkills championship of the Moscow region. Those directions of work are priority for TSAGI — Oleg Muratov, TSAGI Head of Corporate University Management, Candidate of Technical Sciences says in an interview with
— At the initial stage we decided to offer two competencies — “Model designer for hydrodynamic models" and "Operator for hydrodynamic tests". Our Institute encourages long-term cooperation and offers to prepare venues and organize the process of competition in this category. We hope our proposals in this area will be considered.

In TSAGI they don’t question the abilities of MAI students.

— MAI students are wonderful and smart guys, they have ideas and design solutions. – Andrey Ryzhov, the leading specialist of the Corporate University says. Many of them are already involved in promising projects of our State Aviation Research Center and in the future they will definitely prove themselves.

In preparation for the championship of working professions at WorldSkills methodology, TSAGI provides MAI students with a theoretical course and practical training in the departments of the company with a high level of expertise in each of the stated directions.
Daria Strunkina (PR-department)

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