Cherchez la science: MAI expands cooperation with France

5 December 2016

Development strategy of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) in the international arena is not limited to dense work of the University in South-East Asia. In parallel, MAI continues to expand cooperation and to develop new joint projects with European partners. This time MAI has turned its gaze to the aviation capital of France — Toulouse.

On 30 November, the delegation of the University headed by its rector Mikhail Pogosyan, the Vice rector for academic work Yuriy Ravikovich and Head of group of corporate programmes Dmitriy Kaysin stepped on the French ground to discuss joint projects and initiatives with their colleagues, universities and specialized companies of France. And there really was something to discuss...

Talks first

The first MAI’s activity in Toulouse was a meeting with the management of the Institute of Aeronautics and Space ISAE-SUPAERO, one of the most prestigious engineering schools of France. Its mission is to train highly qualified specialists in aerospace and related fields, research and technology development, as well as provision of specialized training courses.

The sides outlined their vision of the possibilities of practical application of existing resources and, after hearing each other's suggestions, agreed to identify the most promising and effective streams for cooperation between MAI and ISAE-SUPAERO. After discussions the MAI delegation had a tour around the science labs.

Then Mikhail Pogosyan had a meeting with Gilles Michelen, Vice-President of avionics division of the company Thales. Thales is the world leader in the development and production of high-tech electronic systems for the aviation and space technology. Earlier, Mikhail Pogosyan and Gilles Michelin worked on the programme of SSJ-100 aircraft. Its cabin is equipped with modular integrated avionics of open architecture of the recent generation, created by French specialists. As a result of the talks, the parties expressed their interest and willingness for further cooperation.

Science of education

The discussion of cornerstone topics of the engineering education and university science continued at the 2nd Franco-Russian forum in the field of aerospace education and science. MAI was its organizer from the Russian side. At the opening of the forum the welcome speeches for the participants and guests of the forum were made by Mikhail Pogosyan, Rector of MAI, Marc Houalla, Director of the ENAC, Nadia Pellefigue, Vice-President on economic development, science, innovation and higher education of the Occitania region and Pierre Valenti, GIFAS International Commission representative.
During the "Higher education and science" session of the plenary meeting Michael Pogosyan made a presentation on modern methods of organization of complex interactions between MAI and universities, research institutes and industry enterprises and also on approaches and tasks that the University completes, building a strategy of its development.

MAI strategically approached its participation in the forum, leveraging the platform to communicate with French colleagues on existing and planned projects and activities.

So, on the opening day of the event MAI held a joint meeting with the TSAGI and such French companies as ONERA, Dassault Systems, Airbus Group on participation in the international project RUMBLE (RegUlation and norM for low sonic Boom LEvels). Its goal is to develop a preliminary ecological requirements to an acceptable level of sonic boom of supersonic aircrafts of various aerodynamic configurations.

As a result of the meeting the areas of responsibility of the Russian and international participants of the project were clarified.

In the meanwhile Dmitry Kaysin, Head of the group of corporate programmes of MAI had a meeting with Valerie Barthe, Head of the International Department of IAS Aerospace Institute, with whom they determined areas of cooperation in the field of additional professional education.

In the margins of the forum’s business programme Dmitry Kaysin also made a presentation at the session “Continuous Education”. He spoke about MAI’s new approaches to such programmes.

Also there were talks with the management of ENAC, French high school providing training in the field of civil aviation. Possible areas and activities of cooperation were identified.

On the second day of the forum there were Russian-French bilateral meetings. Yuri Ravikovich and Dmitry Kaysin discussed the issues of cooperation with representatives of such companies as EUROSAE, IPSA, ENSAM, and Price Induction. It’s notable that the French colleagues expressed much interest in joint activities with MAI.

A busy programme of meetings and events in France once again proved that one of MAI’s priority tasks is reaching beyond the sphere of education. The University seeks to explore and develop more promising directions in the key and emerging technologies of the industry. This is hardly possible without establishing contacts with reliable partners who could complement existing competencies of the University. MAI found such partners in Toulouse. And surely the work productively started in France will continue in Moscow.

Nadezhda Luneva (PR-department)

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