Flight number 0109: Day of Knowledge at Moscow Aviation Institute

September 1, 2023

On the Day of Knowledge, Moscow Aviation Institute organized a massive program. Face-to-face events in various buildings and venues of the university were accompanied by the coverage in MAI social networks.

All flags will be visiting us

The event started with the formation of students and a solemn passage under the flags of their institutions and countries on the Main Square of the University. Students from 9 CIS countries and 73 non-CIS countries study at MAI. The Rector of the University Mikhail Aslanovich Pogosyan congratulated the freshmen from the stage.

– Studying at the Institute is not only a time to gain new knowledge, but also it's time to try yourself in a variety of projects, directions and understand that your choice will make you successful and happy in your career. Of course, MAI lays a good foundation for your further success in life. The solution of this problem depends not only on the staff and teachers of MAI, but also on you yourselves – this is our common project. And I am sure that together we will be able to create an environment that will allow us to raise successful experts, leaders of industry changes. I am sure that all of you are focused on achieving the highest results. I want to wish you all success. My congratulations to you, dear friends!" – said the Rector.

State Duma Deputy Yulia Drozhzhina, General Designer of the Scientific and Technical Center named after A. Lyulka Evgeny Marchukov, Hero of the Russian Federation, Cosmonaut pilot Alexander Lazutkin, Hero of the Russian Federation, Honored Test Pilot, President of the Federation of Model Sports of the Russian Federation Yury Vashchuk, Soviet handball player, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Olympic Champion Vladimir Maksimov, as well as the actor and host of “Autoradio” Mikhail Zakharov also congratulated the students.

At the end of the official part, students took the traditional oath of freshmen and accepted the MAI symbol – a propeller – from the hands of upperclassmen.

Interactive platforms

The celebration continued in a variety of locations on the territory of the Moscow Aviation Institute. There was a tent with an interactive scientific exposition on the Cosmonauts’ Alley. Here the students could get acquainted with what is being created in the student design bureaus of MAI, and participate in a scientific quest. There was also a photo zone where guests were happy to take pictures against the background of one of the MAI attractions – graffiti cosmonaut.

At the stand of the MAI Digital Personnel Platform at the Almaz orbital station, the students were able to get acquainted with the career opportunities that the university opens for them. Among other things, they learned about practices at factories and design bureaus, and they were also given non-obvious tips on how to create a first resume or improve an old one, including choosing a suitable photo.

The university has also prepared entertainment for sports fans. On the Cosmonauts Alley, the guys could shoot in an electric shooting range, overcome an obstacle course, jump on a trampoline or throw a ball into the basket.

Sergey Spirenkov, Project Manager of VK NFT, delivered a lecture in the lecture tent on Cosmonauts Alley. Using the example of blockchain, web3 and NFT, he talked about how technologies are moving from a new trend for geeks to applied solutions. The audience of his lecture also learned about how major brands use new technologies to promote to the core audience. In addition, representatives of the ANO “Russia is a country of opportunities”, the Rosmolodezh project “Your Move”, the project “More than a journey” and others spoke in the lecture hall.

Pre-university in MAI

This year, students from the MAI Pre-University came to Moscow Aviation Institute for the Day of Knowledge. The guys were congratulated not only by Mikhail Pogosyan, but also by the director of the MAI Pre-University Avetis Asatryan.

– The motto of the MAI Pre-University is “Opening up opportunities, revealing talents”. Thanks to MAI, students of our school have an unlimited number of opportunities to become successful and achieve their goals. Your journey to MAI begins, welcome to the big and friendly MAI family! – Avetis Asatryan said.

The University has prepared a rich and informative program for the children. Eighth graders went to a master class at the MAI Children's Technopark “Trajectory of take-off”. Ninth graders listened to the lecture “Modern space projects of Russia. The Distant future of Deep Space” by the youngest MAI professor Sergey Russian. The 10th grade students went on an excursion to the MAI IT Center. The 11th grade talked informally with the Vice-rector of MAI Alexander Shemyakov about the development of the university, and also met with graduates of the MAI Pre-University of the past years.

Laughter, music and the presentation of shoulder straps

The Day of knowledge continued with a cheerful performance of the KVN team “MAI Team”. With their jokes, the guys charged the guests of the holiday with positive emotions. For the second season in a row, MAI were playing in the KVN Top League. A year ago, they managed to reach the final game. In the 2023 season, they have chances to be among the finalists.

On the same day, a solemn graduation of young lieutenants of the Military Training Center at the MAI took place. The graduates marched in a solemn march, completed the formation of personnel and received officer shoulder straps.

The Day of Knowledge in MAI ended with a bright performance on the main stage of the headliners of the holiday – artists TERNOVOY and HENSY.

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