140 teams competed for the champion title at MAI Aviahackathon 2022

October 24, 2022

On October 21-23, the V International Aviahackathon was carried out at Moscow Aviation Institute. The event was organized by the MAI IT Center together with the Institute No. 8 "Computer Science and Applied Mathematics" and the domestic innovative international accelerator and hub WINNO, Moscow. 140 development teams from seven countries took part in it. The total prize fund was 100,000 rubles. More than 10 companies of the IT and aviation industries were partners of the event, they provided participants with datasets and computing resources, and gave the winners memorable prizes.​

37 teams (166 people) reached the final. The participants solved one of the cases that was proposed by partner companies for the development of an IT product and machine learning models.​

- Aviahackathon is a great opportunity for students and schoolchildren to try to solve a business case at the junction of IT and aviation in the shortest possible time. The popularity of our event among several hundred students and schoolchildren confirms the image of MAI as one of the leading IT universities. The plans for the future are to help the teams continue developing the solutions they have received," said Maria Bulakina, head of MAI IT Center.​

Collabse team (Prague University of Ecomonics and Business, MISIS and HSE) became the winner of the case from MTS "Forecast of storage capacity reservation for MTS". The problem of the case is that now the reservation of storage capacity is not accurate, since there are many parameters that are difficult for logistics managers to take into account manually. Often the reserve is redundant. And there are situations when there is not enough reserve.​

– The case from MTS was quite complicated, and for many teams, trying to solve it turned out to be a challenge. I am sure that all the teams have gained a lot of new experience and knowledge in the field of data processing. But only two of them were able to show the solution close to the target," said Konstantin Arkhipov, MTS Project Manager.

The winner of the Geoscan group of companies case "Forest taxation: recognition of deciduous and coniferous tree species" was the Zeitgeist team (MAI) – students of the master's program "Technologies of supercomputer modeling of complex technical systems" and young specialists of NIO-101. The participants had to develop algorithms for image segmentation, classification of selected segments, analysis of characteristics of selected segments using the available remote sensing data of the Earth – initial aerial photographs, orthophotomaps collected from them, altitude data presented by a digital altitude model, and laser scanning data.​

The winner of the case from S7 Technics "Reverse Engineering of Engine Condition Monitoring systems" was the RealityX team (MIREA). The teams needed to build machine learning models capable of calculating the "health" and performance indicators of an aircraft engine and aircraft based on a training sample. ​

The Hack-7 team (MISiS and MIREA) became the winner of the case from Sheremetyevo International Airport "Passenger bus management at the airport". According to the assignment, it was necessary to develop a control system for passenger buses at the airport. The main tasks of the system are: formation and distribution of tasks for drivers; visualization of created tasks; control of task execution by the dispatcher; driver interface; display of statistics for the manager.​


– Sheremetyevo participates in the Aviahackathon for the third time already, and the impressions are very positive. Our case attracted 18 teams during the previous event, and we got 34 of them this time! We are very grateful to the organizers for the invitation, for the drive and the atmosphere of the event! Many thanks to all the participants for choosing our case. We will try to continue to offer interesting cases. We are ready to continue our cooperation with the best teams in various formats. Sheremetyevo has a lot of IT development tasks for the upcoming years," said Andrey Pashinsky, Director of IT Production Management Systems at Sheremetyevo.

The winner of the case from the MAI IT Center "Trajectory control during aircraft towing" was the Indicative Engines team (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, MIPT). The IT solution had to recognize the dimensions of the aircraft and markings, build a trajectory and position sensors.​

The winner in the special nomination for the closing of the practical stage in the scholarship program "Elevator to the future" was the team "V.S.Ch.R." (St. Petersburg TCMC, St. Petersburg State Technical University "LETI", Alexander Nevsky School No. 138).​

- The case from Geoscan was the only one on the subject of computer vision, which attracted our attention, - says Valeria Samsonova, a member of the winning Zeitgeist team, a graduate student of MAI Institute No. 8 "Computer Science and Applied Mathematics". - The case itself consisted of several tasks, each of which included the solution of the previous one. Our team managed to segment the crowns of trees from the ground with the subsequent calculation of the area covered by the crowns. The task, provided it is solved within two days, is very difficult, but we did everything in our power. Throughout the event, we maintained positive attitude, were very organized, despite fatigue, and responded to every difficulty with laughter. This is my first hackathon, and it was a very interesting experience. I'm glad I participated and got a lot of emotions. I hope that the event will develop further and attract interesting cases and people.

MAI PR-department

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