"Engineers of the Future": MAI team took part in the international industrial forum

July 7, 2022

Students of Moscow Aviation Institute took part in the International Industrial Forum X "Engineers of the Future", organized by the Union of Machine Builders of Russia. The forum brought together more than 1,000 young engineers, graduate students and students from 50 regions of Russia and 70 countries of the near and far abroad in the Tula region.

19 students from 11 countries and MAI institutes No. 1 "Aviation Technology", No. 2 "Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Plants", No. 3 "Control Systems, Computer Science and Electric Power", No. 6 "Aerospace", No. 7 "Robotic and Intelligent Systems" and No. 10 "Foreign languages" attended the event. Students took part in the educational program at five faculties out of 12 possible: aviation, aerospace, automotive, international cooperation, mechatronics and robotics.

Special attention was paid to project activities: the participants were divided into teams and worked on projects of an air taxi, a combat robot, power plants of an aircraft, etc.

“There were several teams working at each faculty. For example, at the aerospace, where I was engaged, there were 10 of them," said Varvara Klimova, the participant of the forum, and student of the Institute No. 6 "Aerospace" MAI. “My team and I made an air taxi model, determined the flight characteristics, designated the operating areas and outlined the project development plan. Among other events of the forum, I would note the meeting with cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin. He graduated from the Department of Life Support of MAI Aerospace Institute. It was very interesting to hear about his work.”

More than 500 speakers, the representatives of leading Russian industrial holdings and scientific organizations, took part in the business program of the forum. MAI Rector Mikhail Pogosyan, who gave the participants the "Engineer - profession of the digital age" lecture, was one of them.

“The participation in the forum gave me a really useful experience, said Mikhail Yazykov, the student of the Institute No. 6. “The most valuable skill I have acquired is the ability to solve complex problems using methods of systems thinking – via decomposing issues into simpler elements. I also improved my debating skills, the ability to work in team, to defend my case and find common language with different people. All this will definitely help me in my future professional activity.”

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