Four teams are to present MAI at the international KiViN-2022 festival

11 January 2022

Starting on 12 and till 23 of January the 33rd International Festival of KVN Teams "KiViN-2022" will be held in Sochi. The festival brings together about 500 teams from all over Russia and from other countries annually – this is several thousand players. Moscow Aviation Institute will send four teams to the festival this year.

"Gagarin, I Loved You" of the Institute No.6 "Aerospace", "Miami Syndicate" of the Institutes No.3 "Control Systems, Informatics and Power Engineering" and No.12 "Aerospace Science-Intensive Technologies and Production", "Don't Tell Anyone" Institutes No.6 and No.10 "Foreign languages" and MAI team will fight for the victory.

The best teams of the festival will be able to get into the new season of the KVN television leagues, for example, to the Major or to Premier League.

“MAI teams have already taken part in the festival, but we haven’t gathered all together in Sochi yet,” commented Alexey Dostanko, the captain of the “Gagarin, I loved you” team. – Experienced authors, actors and directors work with our teams, so we think that our chances to win are quite high. We are ready to destroy the Sochi festival with insane engineering humor and, of course, to “get on TV”. Follow the news of the MAI KVN group via VKontakte.

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