MAI returns to combined studies

12 November 2021

MAI returns to combined studies

From November 15, taking into account the risks of COVID-19 spread, the implementation of basic educational programs at Moscow Aviation Institute will be organized as follows:

  • Future bachelors and specialists now studying at the 1st and final courses, students of the 2nd year of magistracy, graduate students will study full-time and offline, with the exception to those lectures, that are to be carried out via using distance educational technologies exclusively;
  • Other students taking basic educational programs will be taught using distance learning technologies, with the exception to laboratory work, that is to be carried out full-time and offline;
  • For the dedicated groups of foreign students, who are now at the territory of the Russian Federation, studies are full-time and offline;
  • Students who do not have the opportunity to start mastering educational programs in full-time format, including foreign citizens who are outside of the Russian Federation, will be taught via using distance learning technologies.

The educational process is to be carried out in according to the established schedule. If there are any issues left, please address the head of your institute.

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