MAI employees are aeromodelling world champions

13 October 2021

From October 1 to 9, in Buzau, Romania, the world championship in aircraft modeling in the rocket models class was held. As part of the Russian sports team, the competition was attended by employees of MAI Institute No. 2 "Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Plants" Alexey Ezhov and Vladimir Kiselev, and the employee of MAI Resource Center for Scientific Research and Innovative Technologies Egor Larin.

188 athletes from 17 countries took part in the event. MAI residents showed excellent results. Aleksey Ezhov became the world champion in the discipline of replica models at flight altitude, having reached the take-off altitude of 743 meters! He was also awarded silver medal in the discipline of "sports" rockets at altitude of flight. Vladimir Kiselev became the world champion in command qualification in the discipline of missile models for the duration of the parachute flight.

Egor Larin became silver medalist of the World Championship. According to the results of the main stage, he showed the maximum result in the discipline of rocket models for the duration of flight with autorotative descent! Ukrainian athlete showed same result. Additional round was arranged between them. According to the results of the competition, Russian national team took 28 medals in individual and team scoring – 14 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze - in the overall standings according to the Olympic system. Congratulations to the Russian aeromodelling sport team and personally to MAI team for such outstanding results!

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