MAI gets the special part of the "Priority-2030" grant

5 October 2021

MAI gets the special part of the "Priority-2030" grant

On October 5, the Presidium of the Council of the “Priority-2030” program approved the list of universities that passed the second stage of selection and now are to receive the special part of the grant for the implementation of their development programs. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) was enlisted among the universities that were chosen for the grant allocation.

From October 1 to October 3, teams of 54 universities who applied for the grant on one of two tracks: "Research Leadership" and "Territorial or Sectoral Leadership" addressed the Council for the Support of Programs for the Development of Educational Institutions of Higher Education as part of the implementation of the strategic academic leadership program "Priority-2030".

The final list consists of 46 universities, including 18 on the first track and 28 on the second, which were divided into three groups depending on the amount of the grant. MAI entered the first group of universities within the “Territorial or Sectoral Leadership” track.

The MAI-2030 model presupposes the transformation of the university into the driver for the development of promising segments of the existing aerospace markets and emerging markets for air mobility and services based on space systems. The important area of the development program is the diversification of research activities of Moscow Aviation Institute through the transfer of technologies to IT, general engineering, energy, road, rail and water transport, medicine, ecology and other industries.

By 2030, MAI intends to implement three strategic projects. Strategic project No. 1 "Future Aerospace Markets - 2050" assumes the provision of MAI's world leadership in breakthrough technological areas of development of the aerospace industry, such as mathematical modeling, energy systems, polymer composite materials, avionics and space systems, based on the model of the university's competence centers.

Strategic project No. 2 "Air Mobility" is designed to ensure the scientific, technological and educational leadership of MAI by 2030 in air mobility in the Russian Federation and the implementation of promising educational programs, developments and new services in the field of unmanned technologies on the international market.

Strategic Project No. 3 "Digital Personnel Platform" is aimed at creating unified digital environment for advanced personnel development of industrial corporations and innovative companies in the aerospace and other high-tech markets.

The strategic projects launch new business processes at the university, providing scientific and technological breakthrough and a world-class level of education for the integrated engineers – the leaders of change.

Mikhail Pogosyan, Rector of Moscow Aviation Institute, about the features of the university program:

"The features of the MAI-2030 model will be research and training for key industrial projects at all stages of the life cycle of high-tech products.

Together with the design and engineering competencies traditional for MAI, new directions in modern production technologies, operation, service and after-sales service will also be developed.

In accordance with the most acute market trends, the feature of the university model by 2030 will be the focus on integration and provision of services in high-tech industries.

Technological leadership of the Russian Federation is impossible without training teams and leaders of change. MAI development program includes the transformation of engineering education aimed at training of new generation of experts able to work in interdisciplinary teams and respond to the challenges posed by the industry.

At the same time, practical experience in complex projects in breakthrough areas of technology development plays key role in training for engineers."

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