Army 2021: MAI took part in the round table on the dynamics of flight in critical modes

25 August 2021

On August 25, during the Army-2021 business program, the round table "Features of the dynamics of flight of aircraft in critical modes" was held, in which experts from Moscow Aviation Institute took part. The event was organized by the High Command of the Aerospace Forces.

The moderator of the round table was the head of the department 106 "Dynamics and flight control of manned aircraft" MAI, doctor of technical sciences, professor Alexander Efremov. The event was also attended by associate professor of department 106, candidate of technical sciences Mikhail Tyaglik, who spoke about the means of preventing the aircraft from entering supercritical flight modes when it enters the zone of intense atmospheric turbulence.

Accidents are not caused by one factor only, they are caused by a number of factors usually. Getting into a vortex or wind shear significantly complicates the piloting process, since it leads to sharp and significant change in the aircraft angular position, speed and flight altitude and, as a consequence, to an increase in the probability of reaching critical modes. In this case, the pilot must act quickly. One of the promising means of increasing the accuracy and safety of piloting is the creation of means of information display, which, like the control system, should be developed basing on the knowledge of the regularities of the Pilot-Aircraft system. MAI professor told about the study of the effectiveness and principles of building of such systems based on modeling methods at Moscow Aviation Institute.

The purpose of the round table is to develop proposals for further effective interaction between higher educational institutions, research and test organizations, as well as enterprises of the country's military-industrial complex in the field of studying the dynamics of flight in critical modes in the interests of effective scientific and methodological support of the processes of aviation technology creation and improvement, as well as aviation specialists training.

The round table was attended by experts from such leading enterprises of the aviation industry as JSC RSK MiG, PJSC Corporation Irkut, State Scientific Center FSUE Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, Air Force Military Educational and Scientific Center VVA.

The participants discussed such important issues as the problems of preventing aircraft from going beyond operational limits when entering the area of ​​intense atmospheric turbulence and the use of a new generation of information display systems; features of stability and controllability of training aircraft in the vicinity of critical flight modes; the ideology of construction and the features of the functioning of the limiters of the limiting flight modes of maneuverable aircraft; the problem of the aircraft swinging by the pilot and the prospects for its solution; principles of construction and peculiarities of functioning of systems of "protection of flight modes" of non-maneuverable aircraft; features of modeling the dynamics of flight of non-maneuverable aircraft in stall modes.

As the result of the event, a list of problematic issues was formed that hinder the creation, improvement and widespread use of effective systems for limiting modes, as well as proposals for cooperation in the interests of developing and improving the training system of aviation specialists and scientific and methodological approaches in the field of dynamics of aircraft with limiting systems, limiting modes in a wide range of altitudes, flight speeds and target piloting tasks.

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