More than 160 people became participants of the International Aerospace Summer School of MAI

Moscow Aviation Institute has completed the annual program of the International Aerospace Summer School – an educational intensive for students from different countries, which the university held since 2018. It was in the online format the last two years. More than 160 people became participants of the program. You can read about how it was in the final article.

Scope of the event

This year, the summer school brought together students from seven universities: Zhejiang University (Hangzhou), Jiaxing University (Jiaxing), Central Southern University (Changsha), Jinan University (Gaongzhou), Northwestern Polytechnic University (Xi'an), Beihang University (Beijing), International Space University (Strasbourg). The program included three educational courses at once: “Additive manufacturing school – basic course”, “Additive design and production – professional course” and “International quality Academy”.

The training of the first course lasted six days, for the second and third – seven days. During this time, students attended more than 35 lectures, 15 live broadcasts, additional classes on Russian culture, as well as special workshops, which aimed at practical development of the theoretical knowledge.

This year, a team of more than 50 people was engaged in the preparation of the educational program, organizational and contractual activities, as well as the creation of video content, each of whom made a significant contribution to the development of the project.

School of Additive Technologies by 3D Laboratory

For the fourth year, the International Aerospace Summer School has been maintaining close cooperation with the Laboratory of Additive Technologies and 3D printing of the MAI under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department 904 “Engineering Graphics” Andrey Ripetsky.

A graduate student of MAI and an engineer of the laboratory of additive technologies Veniamin Brykin coordinated two courses on additive technologies, which included lectures from teachers of the Moscow Aviation Institute and invited experts, master classes, excursions.

“This year, our team created a really large-scale course with a lot of practical and homework assignments. We presented four of the most popular 3D printing technologies and tried to fit the training program for additive manufacturing engineers into 10 days of the summer school. We decided to immerse students in the tasks that we work with ourselves every day. At the master classes, we analyzed really complex examples, and we even managed to exchange experience with the best of our students” – said Veniamin Brykin.

The students highly appreciated the quality of training at the courses.

“The teachers not only helped us to get new knowledge, but also directed us in research activities. The course has significantly increased my academic readiness and inspired me to work productively”, commented Chen Heng, a student at Central South University.

Seven experts shared their knowledge with the students of the two courses, including Ilya Konstantinov, a teacher of the course “Introduction ti PLM system”, a graduate of the joint master's degree program of MAI-SJTU, curator of international educational programs of the Institute No. 1 “Aircraft Engineering” of MAI; a teacher of additive technologies, a specialist of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, CEO of the startup “3D-Meduza” Dietrich Feidel; a teacher of “Design for a cost”, a tutor of the Stockholm School of Economics, candidate of Economic Sciences Sergey Mozhenin and others.

Compared to last year, the teaching staff in the direction of “Additive Technologies” has more than doubled.

“The summer school is growing, – said Veniamin Brykin. – We recruit our foreign partners in the creation of training materials, and they are willing to share their valuable experience with students. Despite the transition to online, we manage to make a rich educational program”.

International Quality Academy

In previous years, the central theme of each course of the summer school was additive technologies. This year, the school expanded its horizons by starting cooperation with specialists of the Institute No. 1 “Aircraft Engineering”, who developed an educational program on quality management in the aircraft industry.

Quality management is one of the most important areas of aviation field. Leading MAI teachers, as well as representatives of major corporations created the course.

The ideological inspirers and coordinators of the program were Professor of the department 104 "Technological Design and quality Management" of the MAI, laureate of the state prizes of Russia and the USSR in the field of science and technology, Honored Scientist of Russia and honorary worker of the Higher School of Russia Boris Boytsov; director of the directorate of the Institute No. 1 "Aircraft Engineering ", Doctor of Technical Sciences Oleg Dolgov; senior lecturer of the departments 101 "Design and Certification of Aviation Equipment" and of the department 104 Boris Safoklov.

The teaching staff of the “Academy of Quality” are specialists from MAI, UAC and IC “Skolkovo”: Viktor Gurov is the central speaker of the course, engineer of the research department of the department 101 MAI, graduate of the joint master's degree of MAI- SJTU; Antonina Deniskina is an associate professor of the department 104 MAI; Sofia Osipova is senior lecturer of the department 104 MAI, manager of business processes in the United Aircraft Corporation; Oleg Sautenkov is graduate of MAI, employee of IC “Skolkovo”, master's student of Skolkovo Technical University.

“This is my first experience of teaching at the MAI Summer School, and I tried to pass on to students the knowledge that I received at the MAI-SJTU program – Viktor Gurov said. – The course that I have been teaching at MAI for a year, I tried to reduce it to four lectures, focusing on the most important thing – the essence of the production process. We talked about what production is in general, how we got the production level that exists today, and also discussed the specifics of production in the aviation industry and raised issues related to system and accidental errors”.


At the end of the summer school, all participants got personal certificates.

Veniamin Brykin expressed his opinion on the importance of such international educational events for the university:

“The Summer School is a great opportunity for foreign students to get acquainted with the scientific environment inside the MAI, to communicate with both young engineers and experienced professors or startup managers. MAI is a center of attraction for professionals. I hope that during the summer school students were able to see this”.



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