The International Aerospace Summer School 2021 opened in MAI

5 July 2021

The International Aerospace Summer School 2021 opened in MAI

On July 5 at Moscow Aviation University started an annual training intensive for students from technical universities all over the world – the International Aerospace Summer School. This year, the program will be realized online. It is aimed not only for knowledge exchange in the engineering, design, management and modern technologies field, but also to create friendly international relations for further partnership.

Every year, the project of MAI International Aerospace Summer School develops and widens its geography. This year, besides traditional participants, technical universities of China, universities of Belgium and India have joined summer school. In June there will be held at once three weekly training intensives: “Additive Technologies in Industry and Design (Basic Course)”, “Additive Technologies in Industry and Design (Professional Course)” and “International Academy of Quality”.

Traditionally, the summer school is held under it is under the supervision of the MAI Directorate of Advanced Scientific Programs. The leading specialist of the directorate, engineer and lecturer of the MAI Alexander Khvan acts as a mentor and director of the project for the fourth year. The educational program was developed by the team of the MAI Laboratory of Additive Technologies and 3D Printing headed by Andrey Ripetsky, docent of the MAI Department 904 “Engineering Graphics”, and specialists of the Institute No. 1 “Aviation Engineering” headed by Director Oleg Dolgov.

In 2020, Andrey Ripetsky and the laboratory staff also developed a course for the summer school on one of the most popular and actual areas in the aviation industry – additive technologies. In 2021, the program was updated: students will receive in-depth and more detailed information about 3D design and printing technologies used generally in Russia and especially in MAI.

– The laboratory stuff has prepared a new advanced online course for the summer school, which, exactly, would help you quickly and effectively master the theoretical and practical foundations of 3D printing, – said Andrey Ripetsky, – We tried to use all facilities that distance learning can provide, but the priority remained the quality of the material and the possibility to answer all the questions of the trainees. 3D printing is rapidly developing and becoming popular in various fields of manufacturing industry, art, medicine, and building. There is no doubt that efficiency and scale from using such technologies will grow. MAI lectures and laboratory staff every day work with many complex issues of manufacturing industry and innovative companies, and this experience is turned into the educational courses that we suggest to foreign students.

The course “International Academy of Quality” from Institute No. 1 is completely new for summer school. It’s dedicated to the topic of quality management in the aviation sphere – a broad wide business sector that includes the production, management and service of aircraft.

– Aviation equipment’s quality management is one of the most important direction of aviation activity, – said Oleg Dolgov, – “International Academy of Quality” is educational program, which was developed by the best MAI lectures and biggest corporates representatives. Our approach based on practical experience, that summer school students will receive in the process of project activities and in process of communicating directly with lectures and production representatives. Applied knowledge with commercial value can be received only by taking part in real projects; this is the determining concept of our courses.



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