MAI launched entrance exams for international applicants

18 June 2021

MAI launched entrance exams for international applicants
On 18 June, MAI launched remote exams for applicants from non-CIS countries. The group of applicants from China, India, Sudan and Myanmar who entered MAI's master's programme in Aircraft Engineering, Aircraft Engines, Rocket Systems and Cosmonautics, and Metallurgy were the first to demonstrate their knowledge.

The applicants receive their exam tasks via personal e-mail immediately prior to taking them, after which they have three hours to complete them in a written form. Throughout the examination, a committee from the MAI observes the progress of the tasks and answers questions in real-time.

Technical support and maintenance of the distance learning examinations of international applicants are provided by the staff of the Scientific Research and Innovation Technologies Resource Centre headed by the Director of MAI, Anatoly Kachalin.

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