Admission guide for foreign applicants

4 June 2021

Admission guide for foreign applicants
Studying at MAI has always been in high demand among foreign applicants. Upon graduation, many of them stay to build their engineering careers in Russia. Currently, MAI trains students from 8 CIS countries and 61 countries of other regions.

Foreign nationals can apply for funded places within the quota (Russian government scholarship) or according to international treaties of the Russian Federation (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), as well as enter on a paid basis in a separate competition and pass only two entrance exams (excluding Russian language). Foreign nationals who have confirmed their compatriot status are admitted under the same conditions as Russian nationals.

In 2021, as in previous years, applicants must choose one of the university's majors:

Aircraft Engineering;
Engine Engineering;
On-board electronics and technical cybernetics;
Electronics and Communication Systems;
Management, Economics and Linguistics;
Rocket and space systems;
Robotics systems and complexes of aircraft armament;
Mathematics and computer science;
Materials and modern technologies.

An applicant may indicate up to 5 fields of study in his/her application. In order to apply, a candidate must select and apply to 1 out of 41 competitive groups. This year enrolment is made on the basis of single and multidisciplinary competition. In the first case, the competitive group includes 1 direction and in the second case 2 or 3 directions. Please note that the applications sum up the fields that make up the competition group. Those enrolled in the multidisciplinary competition will study according to the single curriculum of the group during the first year, and then will be allocated to the areas of study. The placement will take into account the wishes and performance of the students.

Number of budget places and dormitories in 2021

IAI has allocated 3,690 budgetary places in 2021:

1,900+ for undergraduate courses;
900+ for majors;
870+ for master's degree programmes.
MAI has 9 dormitory buildings. Every year the university allocates about 1,000 places for first-year students.

Dormitory accommodation at MAI is provided on a competitive basis as part of the quotas allocated by institutes. Full-time students, postgraduate students, master's students, doctoral candidates, as well as trainees, trainees of preparatory departments and departments of professional development and other forms of postgraduate and additional professional education - for the period of their full-time education - can apply for places.

More information on admission to MAI for foreign nationals can be found on the Admissions Committee website.

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