The Splendid Eight: Miss MAI title contenders shortlisted

17 May 2021

Moscow Aviation Institute held a qualifying round of the annual Miss MAI competition for intelligence, beauty and grace, organised by the Department of Youth Policy. Sixteen MAI students competed for the opportunity to represent their institute in the brightest contest of this spring, eight of whom made it to the final.

This year Elizaveta Kaplina (Institute №1 "Aviation Engineering"), Christina Arkhiptskaya (Institute № 2 "Aviation, Rocket Engines and Power Plants"), Anna Sizikova (Institute № 5 "Engineering Economics and Humanities"), Aleksandra Marchenko (Institute № 6 "Aerospace") are running for the title of Miss IAI, Gulnaz Shabanova (Institute Number 7 "Robotics and Intelligent Systems"), Kira Kalyamina (Institute Number 8 "Information Technology and Applied Mathematics"), Yulia Sporysheva (Institute Number 11 "Material Science and Technology"), Alexandra Ilyicheva (Institute Number 12 "Aerospace Science Technology and Production").

"The selected girls made it to the semi-final round," said Yelizaveta Kaplina. "I approach everything in life with great responsibility and seriousness, so for me, this round was difficult not only in terms of preparation but also morally. When I knew that my number was on the list of finalists, I could not believe it".

The qualifying round included a self-presentation of the applicants, an intellectual competition, and a dress-dress show.

"I would not say it was easy, but the main thing is that I enjoyed the process", said Christina Arkhiptskaya. "When I found out that I reached the final, I felt very happy, because I came to the competition, to become Miss MAI."

Now girls began to prepare for the final, one of the stages of which will be a show of creative numbers.

"I am preparing a vocal number. Every day begins with singing, and ends with dancing", says Yulia Sporysheva. "Of course, I am nervous for the finals. We are all ambitious and beautiful - it will be difficult for the judges!"

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