The annual Festival of Foreign Languageы was held at the MAI

14 May 2021

The Palace of Culture and Technology of Moscow Aviation Institute hosted the traditional Festival of Foreign Languages on 13 May. This year it was called "¡Un canto al Amor y a la Amistad! - "Singing love and friendship!". The event was organised by the MAI Institute of Foreign Languages No. 10.

The guests of the festival, among whom were representatives of the Embassy of Peru in the Russian Federation, were welcomed by the Director of the Institute №10, Alexander Kalliopin. After that a Peruvian singer, guitarist, composer, teacher at the Institute № 10, and a regular participant of the festival Lorenzo de Chocica, as well as first and fourth-year Spanish language students performed before the audience.

"I would like to thank everyone who took part in the festival and came as spectators. Despite all limitations and difficulties, we continue the tradition, bringing together talented students of the MAI Institute of Foreign Languages," commented Lorenzo de Chocica.

We would remind you that during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Lorenzo de Chocica became famous as the most devoted foreign fan of the Russian national team. He received a personalized T-shirt from team coach Stanislav Cherchesov as a gift.

The Foreign Languages Festival is held annually at the MAI. It gives Mayors the opportunity not only to immerse themselves in the diversity of musical traditions of different countries and demonstrate their artistic talents, but also to practice foreign languages in an informal and festive atmosphere.

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