MAI team wins All-Russian aeromodelling competition

12 May 2021

This year, Moscow Aviation Institute's team won the All-Russian competition in aeromodelling in the Air Combat class of models. The competition, which has become the most representative in recent years, was held on May 1-3 in the town of Aleksin (Tula Region). The strongest athletes from all over Russia came to demonstrate their skills: in total, 71 crews from 25 regions of the country.

The competition in the Air Combat class of models was held according to the elimination system. According to the results of the drawing, the athletes were divided into pairs, and a 'battle' begins between them to determine the winner and the loser. The general drawing and bouts then took place again. The athlete who suffered the second defeat was eliminated from the competition. In the end, two athletes passed to the final battle.

Since the models of the competitors are similar, crew cohesion (pilot and mechanic), pilot skills, and tactical training are usually decisive in the "battle".

"Each "battle" allows performing with two models", says Igor Trifonov, coach of the Mayev team, head of the MAI Aircraft Modeling Student Design Bureau. "Competitors are given a ribbon, which is attached to the model. The objective is to cut off the rival's ribbon and score more points.
The only way to cut off the ribbon is with the propeller. Each competitor tries to cut off as small a piece of ribbon as possible at a time".

"In aerial combat, it is not easy to avoid a collision with the ground or an opponent's model. Rarely does a competitor manage to make more than five chops. Often the winner will get two or three chops," Igor Trifonov continues. "This adds interest to the "fight" by various tactical arsenal of the participants: a deliberate ramming of the competitor's model in the hope to take off again faster and win precious seconds, taking the opponent closer to the ground in the expectation of his fall or a miss in the attack, and so on."

As a result of the competition, two crews from MAI entered the top ten. The best result in the individual event was shown by team captain Ramil Gareev, a sophomore of the Institute of Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security, Master of Sport. In the team standings, MAI students came in the third place. The girls who took part in the competition had a separate battle, in which third-year student of MAI Aerospace Institute No. 6 Aliona Polyakova was awarded a bronze medal.

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