MAI Volunteers Corps organized a "Week of Kindness"

30 April 2021

A "Week of Kindness" was organized by the Volunteer Centre of MAI and touched upon several areas, such as healthy lifestyle, care for the community and animals.

The Week of Kindness included the "Kind Lids", "Feed the House" and "Goodwill" campaigns. Volunteers made a charity field trip to an animal shelter, got acquainted with the "VverX" development centre and the "Best Friends" foundation.

At the beginning of the week, special boxes were set up at the Volunteer Centre of the MAI. For example, one of them was for collecting plastic lids. All collected lids will be given to the Eco-Centre "Gatherer" for recycling. The proceeds will go towards the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for the wards of the capital's charities.

The students could leave food, medication, collars and other necessary items for the dogs of the municipal shelter in Khimki, Moscow region. By the way, MAI students also help in socialization of animals - they regularly come to the shelter to take the dogs for a walk.

"With this campaign, we want to remind children how important it is to take care of the environment and to help those in need", says Valeria Azova, a MAI sophomore. "We have conducted an extensive information campaign, in order to attract as many students as possible to the Week of Kindness. And we are glad that many guys from our university responded and took the time to do so".

In addition to plastics and gifts for animals, volunteers also collected clothes as part of the Dobrovorot campaign. All items will be delivered to a charity shop. There the clothes can be received by large families, low-income families, people with disabilities. By the way, the shop accepts clothes, unfit for wear. They will be sent for recycling.

In order to organize volunteer activities in the future, activists of MAI visited master classes, conducted by the workers of charity foundations.

About 500 people are currently enrolled in the Volunteer centre of MAI. After the "Week of Kindness" was announced, the number of people wishing to help their neighbours increased.

"Despite the study load inherent in a technical university, the guys are actively involved in charity", says Elena Yankovaya, the Head of the Volunteer Centre of MAI. "We are developing the donor movement, social, event, patriotic and environmental activities. We cooperate with city hospitals, organise donor events on the campus of the university. We do not forget to help our four-legged friends, we take care of nature, and the guys also regularly help veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who played an invaluable role in the fate of the Moscow Aviation Institute."

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