Open Day for IT Master's programme

30 April 2021

On 29 April, the Open Day of the MAI IT-Master programme took place at Moscow Aviation Institute. The event was organised in a mixed format.

MAI is one of the leaders in training specialists in the field of high information technology. More than a hundred students who have completed their bachelor's programmes at the MAI and other technical universities of Moscow were able to find out about the existing master's programmes and those to be launched in 2021, the admission rules and conditions of enrolment at the university.

The Open Day gave the participants an opportunity to meet and communicate with programme managers, ask questions, hear examples of successful careers of graduates, get acquainted with the requirements and plans of the educational process, consult on the choice of a course of study and programme of study. They learned about such fields of study as supercomputer technology, IT product and service development, Internet of things and digital manufacturing, machine learning and big data, optimisation and high load development, information security and mathematical modelling.

During the event the audience was addressed by industry and industry partners of IT-master programs: representatives of IT companies and IT managers of enterprises and corporations of aviation and transport industries.

Thus, advisor to the MAI Rector, co-founder of, digital education leader, expert of the Forbes for Business project, and supervisor of the MAI IT Centre Dmitry Voloshin spoke in detail about the MAI IT Centre and the challenges that the Centre faces in the near future, and answered the question of why one should go to study for a master's programme.

"Most of the applicants for IT master's degree are from MAI, but we are proud that we have strong undergraduate graduates from universities such as Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University, Phystech", mentioned Dmitry in his speech.

The expert also added that one of the main advantages of business involvement in the training of IT specialists is the transfer of company culture to the student environment. Internships give students an opportunity to see and hear how they work in big companies, which helps a lot in the issue of adaptation.

Alexander Druzhkov, Deputy Director of Technology at ivi, noted that one of the tasks of the IT Master's programme is to form a single environment between the university and business, to give the students real digital competencies and practical experience - the competences that employers need today, here and now, and also talked about the Master's programme "Product Development Management of IT Services", which the largest Russian online cinema is implementing together with MAI.

"In September 2021, the fourth intake will start. In our teaching practice, we use a lot of experience from our everyday life. We often go over cases that happened in the company just last week with the guys. I think this is very important," Alexander said. "On average, we employ 1-2 people per stream, and we are always very happy with the results of their work."

SBER is a technological digital leader, a global partner of the MAI, whose representatives participate in the entire ecosystem of IT majors as teachers, mentors, and developers of educational content. The company's expert Ivan Konkov spoke about what opportunities exist in MAI's IT masters to provide internships and apprenticeships in the SBER ecosystem, as well as about the IT masters graduates working at SBER.

"Over the period of our cooperation with the MAI IT Masters, we can confidently say that, compared to other universities, MAI students have a very good level of training. Many of them come for an internship at Sber and quite a large percentage then stay to work for us," said Ivan.

MTS representative Konstantin Arkhipov, who teaches in MAI's master's programmes "Designing Highly Loaded Internet Services" and "Digital Production Management", spoke about how the business offers its challenging tasks in artificial intelligence, modelling and IT development to MAI IT master's students and how their solutions then find application in the company together with their developers.

"This is the third year we have partnered with the IT Centre, and MAI is the leading supplier of interns and employees to our company," said Konstantin. - As part of leaving for Digital at MTS today, there is no division into business and IT - all employees are united into product teams and go towards a common goal together. In our classes we try to teach students the skills of an integrated approach to product development within leading ecosystems".

At the end of the event, the audience could ask questions to the experts as well as get an interview for participation in the Spring School of Mathematical Modelling at the MAI IT Centre to be held in Alushta from May 24 to 31.

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