MAI Student among the Best at the International Conference

9 April 2021

MAI Student among the Best at the International Conference
MAI Institute No. 4 "Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security" student Nadezhda Soldatenkova’s report was recognized as one of the best at the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Systems of signals generating and processing in the field of onboard communications". The conference organized in English was held online in March.

Nadezhda presented the study titled “Bit error rate performance of power domain non-orthogonal multiple access systems”.

The research focuses on the Power Domain Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access - PD-NOMA technology - included in the 3GPP 5G New Radio specification for mobile networks. The work was carried out as part of the preparation of a master's thesis at MAI department 408 "Infocommunications".

The author states that the adaptive power distribution algorithm plays one of the key roles in the formation of the technology final efficiency. To date, the optimal algorithm from the point of view of noise immunity has not been fully determined, which makes the topic relevant and acute.

“Modern research is mostly devoted to the study of the throughput that might be achieved using PD-NOMA technology. Much less attention is paid to the degradation of noise immunity. Moreover, the work focuses specifically on the non-equidistant signal structures. We were able to identify interesting dependences of the actual signal-to-noise ratios on the signal strength. My scientific advisor, Vitaly Kazachkov, and I did not find publications with similar results, and that fact makes the work unique. The work was aimed at research in the conditions of a channel with additive white Gaussian noise, now we have already conducted similar studies in a multipath channel with fading, as close as possible to real communication conditions, and we are starting to implement our own power control algorithm” commented Nadezhda.

Young scientists from 12 countries took part in the conference: Russia, Germany, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Lebanon and Mongolia.

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