MAI Pre-University student creates a Telegram bot to help his classmates

12 March 2021

MAI Pre-University student creates a Telegram bot to help his classmates
MAI Pre-University course consists not only of school subjects but also includes a wide range of additional programs and extracurricular activities. How not get lost in the busy schedule and not miss anything? The solution was invented by one of the students of the Pre-University course, Andrey Kovtunenko. The ninth-grader has developed a Telegram bot, that is always ready to tell the schedule to any student of the MAI school.

Andrey has been studying at the MAI Pre-University since the eighth grade. At the age of 13, he became interested in programming, and for that reason, he chose mathematics and computer school. The idea of the bot came up by chance: Andrey already had a similar experience and decided to use it to make his classmates’ life more convenient.

“One day a week MAI Pre-University students study in “Takeoff Trajectory", the Technopark for children. There we work on our projects in different areas: programming, unmanned technologies, 3D modelling, robotics and others,” - says Andrey. “Many classmates, especially at first, were confused about the schedule, and I decided that the Telegram bot would be perfect for solving the problem.”

To ask the bot for a schedule, you just need to write your name and surname to it. Students’ parents may also use it.

“I used to create less complex bots,” the student says. – “One simply repeated any messages sent to it: pictures, video, text or audio. Another played with words until his set of words ended, or until the user made a mistake. After each game, it memorized new words.

Andrey plans to develop his work: to change the way of entering the schedule and to add new functions. It is easy to guess that he is going to devote himself to programming and, of course, he considers MAI as one of the priority universities for his further education.

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