MAI launches an online 3D Printing course

19 February 2021

MAI launches an online 3D Printing course
Specialists of the Additive Technologies Laboratory operating at the Department of 904 Engineering Graphics of the Moscow Aviation Institute announced the launch of a new project - an online 3D printing course. Unique content and experience of IAI teachers will help people dive into the world of additive manufacturing, even if they have never seen a 3D-printer before. A specially designed test system will help determine the level of prior training and build the right course trajectory for effective learning, as well as assess the effectiveness of the course.

"In 2015, the first 3D-printing school in Russia was founded at the Additive Technologies Laboratory, aimed at teaching 3D-printer skills from scratch," head of the laboratory Andrei Ripetsky says. "Today the field of 3D-printing is developing rapidly. Additive technologies are becoming in demand in various areas of industrial production, art, medicine, and construction. There is no doubt that the scale and efficiency of their use will only grow. Therefore our school team has prepared a new online course that we believe will help you quickly and effectively learn the theoretical and practical basics of 3D printing. We have tried to take advantage of all the advantages that distance learning can give, prioritizing the quality of the material and, of course, thinking about the system of feedback from students."

For now, three modules of the online course are ready: a basic course, training in CAD modelling and FDM-printing. They have only recently begun to be tested in a focus group.

"In the future, we plan to develop the programme: introduce new modules and add to existing ones, increasing the level of complexity", Vera Shishkina, curator of the course and author of the basic module, student of Aerospace Institute No. 6, says. "Also, in the future, we expect to introduce corporate online professional development programmes for company employees".

Ever since the Additive Technology Laboratory was created at the MAI in 2011, its employees have been working on various tasks in the field of 3D printing, 3D modelling, reverse engineering, etc. IAI educational programmes on these subjects accumulate the vast experience and unique competences of the laboratory staff and help to make modern technologies understandable and accessible.

"Our course will undoubtedly give serious competitive advantages in employment and development of own business, getting rid of illusions and making the real possibilities of additive technologies understandable," Andrei Ripetsky claims.

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