IT start-up created by MAI alumnus enters the U.S. market

17 February 2021

IT start-up created by MAI alumnus enters the U.S. market
On 10 February, Moscow-based IT company Hot-WiFi, founded by MAI Radioelectronics, Infocommunications and Information Security Institute graduate Dmitry Stepanenko, has announced its entry into the US market, where it plans to offer businesses a guest WiFi hotspot network with marketing functionality and data analytics services.

Hot WiFI is a WiFi-network management system and marketing platform for customer outreach. The company helps small and medium-sized businesses attract and retain target customers by analysing their big data. Through the platform, companies gather audiences via Wi-Fi and then target ads to visitors. It can also be used to measure offline conversions and the effectiveness of advertising based on actual visits to outlets.

"In Russia, more than 1.1 million customers use our WiFi network with marketing tools. It took us a while to decide on entering the U.S.: we have analysed the market, the demand, the specifics of the legislation. We came across an American entrepreneur who was interested in our WiFi marketing technologies. He helped us to understand the peculiarities of the U.S. WiFi market and legislation. In the next two years, we expect to reach a stable annual profit of $1-1.5 million", Dmitry Stepanenko says.

Thanks to the geographical expansion, the startup has become the leader in the regions of its presence among the world's competitors. Hot-WiFi has users in 16 countries around the world in Europe, Asia, CIS and Eastern Europe, North America and the Middle East. In contrast with Hot-WiFi, the startup's main global competitors, like Aislelabs, Skyfii and Purple, do not provide services within the CIS and Eastern Europe.

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